Weeding out the doubles, unwanted, and, what was I thinking.



Should I really be selling these on eBay?

Okay, the wife is sick. The yard work is all done so I had this past weekend free to do what ever I wanted. I decided to go book by book thru all my graded comics. I started with my Gold Key Star Trek issues and one of the first copies I came to was a book I had replaced with a higher grade. I set it to the side and kept going, by the time all 61 issues had been looked at I had about 10 slabs I no longer needed. I guess I forgot how many upgrades I had done. I kept this up for all 400 or more slabs. I now have a stack of about 40 books to get rid of. Talked to the honey about it and decided to try to sell then on eBay.

I'll be selling 6 a week on Sunday nights starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That should give me something to do for the winter other than contend with the snow here in Michigan.

Going to start with a few Star Trek and Space War issues following up with some Ghosts and Black Magic copies. I'll post a journal now and then to let you know how its going or you can just follow on eBay under my eBay name - Best2u.


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