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Comic Trading Challenge- August 1st Update!

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Alright, so I mentioned I would try to do monthly updates on my trading challenge...to see how far I could get starting with Hulk #340 CGC 9.6, Spawn #1 Newsstand CGC 9.6 and $500 cash. I want to see, through buying and selling and trading, how far that can get me.

Well, here is the first update! So far, as result of the challenge, the following books have been added to the personal collection:

1. TMNT #4 First print raw, around a 7.5 with potential to press and improve

2. Hulk #340 Newsstand raw, around a 7.5-8.0 grade

3. Batman #251 CGC 6.0

4. Nova #1 raw, around a 6.5-7.0

5. Tomb Of Dracula #13 raw in the VG range, 4.0-4.5

5. Marvel Spotlight #12 raw, VF copy, which was an upgrade on my Fine copy

6. Elvira's House of Mystery #1 raw in 7.0 range

7. Amazing Spider-Man #23 CGC 7.0

I also still have $74 in cash PLUS the following books to trade/sell

- Wolverine #8 in 9.0-9.2 range, raw

- PPTSS #101 in 9.0-9.2 range raw

- Hulk #449 in 9.0 range raw

- around a dozen other random issues including some Wolverine books, DC Secret Origins #1 and X-Force 11

All in all, I feel like value wise I have about $250-300 still in books that could be traded or sold for cash to continue buying. I will update with a photo as I am awaiting the arrival of the ASM 23!


Does it seem impressive? Have I done well or poor? Does the road travelled to get here matter (aka, what did I buy and sell and trade to get to this point?). I will divulge that info soon!



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Alright so here are books that were acquired at one point or another, but were either traded or sold for cash in order to be at the point I am at currently. This list does not include the original 2 books I started with.

1. Spawn #1 CGC 9.4 Newsstand 

2. Spawn #2 CGC 9.4 Newsstand 

3. Hulk #449 NM- range (already owned)

4. Hulk #340 NM- range 

5. TMNT #1 4th print VF range, TMNT #5 second print VF range, 2009 TMNT #1 Color Edition VF/NM range, Tales of TMNT #2 VF/NM range

6. ASM #40 in GD/VG range 

7. Marvel Spotlight #12 6.5/7.0 range undercopy (a reminder that undercopies can enter this challenge, I just have to take into account the cost it took me to acquire the undercopy and factor that into my costs)

8. Marvel Premiere #2 in Fine range (already owned)

9. ASM #275 CPV in Fine range (already owned)

10. Voltron #1 in VF/NM range CPV

11. Booster Gold #1 in VF range CPV

12. Batman #251 VG- range, undercopy 

See anything you would have kept that I did not? Keep in mind that moving these allowed me to get where I am (and I still have room to continue, although the quality of books for sale/trade are much lower than initially, as you can see from my original post). The challenge now will be maximizing the profit off the books I have and using the cash to make some smart buys that can be traded OR somehow turn what I have into better books via trade. 

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On 8/9/2021 at 5:59 PM, axiom94 said:

Just letting you know I am interested in your project.

Thanks! I will post another update soon however this month has been more of a bummer to be honest! Maybe that will change ya never know!

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