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Daredevil #132 CGC 9.8 WP: 2nd appearance of Bullseye!

Daredevil #132 features the 2nd appearance of Bullseye!

Overstreet 2022 NM- 9.2 value = $100.

According to the CGC Census Report as of Tuesday, June 6, 2023, out of a total of 365 Universal copies graded, ONLY 10 copies were graded in 9.8 with 0 copies graded higher!

With these statistics in mind, this represents an impressive RARITY FACTOR of ONLY 2.74% of the total population!


After making his murderous introduction in Daredevil #131, Bullseye does not disappoint in his sophomore appearance, as he continues his public assault against The Man Without Fear in an epic showdown in the circus!

Published in April of 1976, exactly twelve years since Daredevil made his iconic debut, artist Rich Buckler rendered an entertaining circus cover, with the caption reading:


In classic Bullseye fashion, his attack is a dramatic one, in which he blasts himself out of a cannon to accelerate a surprise superman punch—sending Daredevil flying backwards! With multiple witnesses staring up at the unexpected main attraction, Bullseye displays his psychotic disdain for Daredevil, which would evolve to his lust for making Daredevil’s suffering a public spectacle!

To bring this scene to life, the comic dialogue bubbles read:



SIDE NOTE: Notice that Hornhead was spelled correctly, whereas it was misspelled on Daredevil #131 as “Hornead!” In addition, there isn’t a UPC barcode printed on the front or the back of the book, which makes Daredevil #132 unique!

Furthermore, high-grade copies are highly elusive, due to the jet-black color along the top portion of the cover, along with parts of the spine exposing the slightest of defects. Therefore, as Bullseye becomes reintroduced in the MCU and gains popularity, Daredevil #132 will soar to new heights in the marketplace!

In my opinion, Bullseye is one of the most psychotic and deranged villains ever created by Marvel! As a result, Bullseye’s early cover appearances are some of the most violent, brutal, and entertaining in comics and are HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE!


First 20 Bullseye Cover Appearances:

01. Daredevil #131

02. Daredevil #132

03. Daredevil #141

04. Daredevil #146

05. Daredevil #159 (not in costume)

06. Daredevil #160

07. Daredevil #161

08. Daredevil #169

09. Daredevil #172

10. Daredevil #181

11. Daredevil #197

12. Daredevil #200

13. Captain America #373

14. Captain America #374

15. Captain America #376

16. Captain America #377

17. Daredevil #288

18. Daredevil #289 (in Daredevil’s costume)

19. Daredevil #290 (in Daredevil’s costume)

20. Punisher #102


In closing, I purchased this NEAR PERFECTLY WRAPPED & CENTERED copy from mikeymoran (via eBay) in May of 2023! On the back cover, located on the upper left-hand section, you can see a really cool arrival date stamp of “JAN. 13 1976.” I am super proud to own this immaculate copy and look forward to watching it appreciate each year!

Happy Collecting & Enjoy the Hunt!

-Professor Pecora


Daredevil #132 CGC 9.8 WP is featured in Professor Pecora's CGC Custom Registry Set entitled, "ALL EYES ON BULLSEYE!"

To view the full REVIEW VIDEO, please visit ---> Professor Pecora's YouTube Channel

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Daredevil #132 CGC 9.8 WP - (front).jpg

Daredevil #132 CGC 9.8 WP - (back).jpg



Recommended Comments

great looking copy !  i never realized until now how colorful the cover is to #132...

thanks for the list of the first 20 appearances


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On 6/10/2023 at 10:10 AM, 1950's war comics said:

great looking copy !  i never realized until now how colorful the cover is to #132...

thanks for the list of the first 20 appearances


Thank you! It's truly a vibrant cover that POPS nicely! :)

You're welcome; I'll be including the list of Bullseye's first 20 comic book cover appearances in the next 12 posts of mine, as I will be posting his consecutive cover appearances. (thumbsu

With that said, Daredevil #141 CGC 9.8 WP is NEXT!

-Professor Pecora

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