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The Lottery Ticket VAMPIRELLA Collection

The Lottery Ticket VAMPIRELLA Collection

I didn't set out to get the best Vampirella collection that anyone had ever seen.  Heck, a month ago, I didn't even know I WANTED a Vampirella collection.  CREEPYs and EERIEs, sure, but I always kind of considered Vampirella to be comic book soft porn for teenage boys.  But then I found out that while she has a storyline or two in each issue, there are also lots of other horror/sci-fi tales in the Warren tradition throughout most issues as well--so the interest began.

And then I kind of started to finish my CREEPY and EERIE runs...  And then there was this full run of Vampis that had been just sitting there on eeBay with like 34 watchers for a month or so...  And then there was this bottle of Evan Williams on a Saturday night before my birthday...  And then I took a chance...

There weren't pictures of every issue in the listing, and the ones that were pictured were in group shots and in bags, but the ones I could see SEEMED to match the seller's description of "FN to VF" overall, so I trusted that and crossed my fingers and made the necessary negotiations, knowing that I might just as easily receive a pile of garbage with a few good-looking issues for the pics.  But I was kind of ok with getting some beaters, too; after all, my EERIE collection is mostly just reader copies; as long as Vampirella fell somewhere between them and the CREEPYs, I'd be happy.

So it was kind of like opening a pot of gold--with bright yellow streams of pure energy bursting from the cardboard and paper shells--when I unboxed these beauties.  Needless to say, I was MORE than happy!

Now, I can't say I'm not posting this Gallery to show them off--because I am--but the fact that I won the lottery with this collection really has nothing to do with ME--I'm not a shrewd hard-bargain driving high-grade collector with a keen eye for values or anything--I just got lucky.  So I'm a proud owner, but I'm not boasting; I was just in the right place at the right time.  Let the glory be with the books themselves.  There's even a part of me that is somewhat disappointed, in that I firmly believe comic books/mags are to be read--but there are whole runs of this collection that are literally too nice to read/handle.  I don't like thinking of comics as mere commodities, but many of these deserve to be the sexy "look but don't touch" objects that they are.

So I feel I have become a little jaded, after my "comics are for reading!" stance--though in all honesty I will probably never have any of these slabbed, either--but slabbed or not, most of them really are spectacular for 40-50 year old books, and they deserve to be shared.  I didn't do anything to create them, preserve them, or deserve them; I've just been installed as the curator of this museum--because I took a chance.

I hope you enjoy them too.

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230 images

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On 4/10/2022 at 9:27 PM, flashlites said:

These are amazing! Congratulations!!! Thanks so much for sharing them!

IKR?  They deserve to be on display--I would be a cad NOT to share them!

On 4/10/2022 at 9:28 PM, flashlites said:

Do you have any backstory about the collector?

Not really; the seller was SubZero Comics and Toys, but I would assume they acquired the full set from someone and just flipped them as a lot.  I think they could have made quite a bit more money selling them individually, but hey, gift horse, mouth, you know...

The listing will probably still be HERE for a while; you can find out everything I know from that.  We had no real conversation about the condition, values, backstory, original owner, nothing like that; just a couple of offers and counteroffers back and forth until we agreed on a price.  It really was a shot in the dark.

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