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  1. Did cgc have an official signing? Awesome book.
  2. From my avatar you can guess i am happy about this news. I guess I should sell some of my 9.8s tho.
  3. I opened this years ago, hit a cool sketch i think from Melike Acar but could have been another artist.
  4. Wow 6000!? I have about 1200-1300 at psa n bgs but only 8 big cards at cgc to try them out. Power 9 stuff.
  5. fa·ce·tious /fəˈsēSHəs/ adjective treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant. "a facetious remark"
  6. Feel free to add me everyone: billie_the_springer . I started posting my books n may sell in the future, and have bought. Thanks!
  7. Dang ibuk, hit the lottery?? Sweet bks!!! All for your personal collection or are you a dealer? Just curious as that is a serious haul!!
  8. Really sorry to read this. If you do a sales thread, please tag me.
  9. You inspired me to pull my Goon! Wait...that sounds bad 🤔
  10. If I wasn't getting a Hulk 1 at a great price, I'd be truly disappointed lol. Cya peeps have a good weekend.
  11. I am getting a Hulk 1 from a customer of mine, I'll just pretend not to be disappointed and that I have to save for that!!