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  1. I think the pop-up at the start of every new post, is a good idea. BIG RED POP-UP!
  2. I didn't know any of those existed. Nice books!
  3. I'm sure the sellers appreciate that. Make sure you add that 3% to the $500 payment you were going to make to me. I'll be sending you a money order
  4. Wow, i've been screwing up because I normally add the 3% when I pay with paypal.
  5. Weird, I am glad to hear that the book arrived safely and that you like it. I appreciate the fact that it has gone to a good home and hope we can deal again some time. Many good kudos to you! (thumbs u Thanks, Bill
  6. AWesome cover. It presents very well (thumbs u
  7. You guys are killing me with all of these sweet books.
  8. No doubt. i'm starting to lose faith. I think i'll wait awhile before I submit any books.
  9. My assessment is, hurry and submit all of your 8.5's, before it's too late.
  10. I didn't know it was detachable. Now available at QVC..... The Nik Bump For only $99.95 you to can own this highly prized tool. Gently rub your comics with this before submitting them to CGC and see a one to two grade bump. Hurry, supplies are limited.
  11. Never read this. Is it as bad as I think it is? Greggy, How in the world do you get those kick azz scans? with kick azz books I thought the same after I had posted the question.
  12. Hope you guys don't mind me posting a couple of scans of books that you've probably seen a million times. I have only three war books and these are the other two. The Boards is the only place where I can show any of my books. Sorry for the lousy scand but the books were scanned through about three layers of plastic.!
  13. I really wish this one was in better condition but I still think it's a neat cover. I know it's not really a horror book but it does say "DEMON" on the cover.
  14. I've always thought this was a pretty cool cover