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  1. Bump. Also looking for Atari original video game art...
  2. I've been looking for an iron man one for awhile...
  3. Was offered two nice pieces above market... No deals closed yet. Usually pick up 1-3 pieces every time I post... hoping to maintain my streak!
  4. WTB art from the below list. Please PM if you have anything you'd sell. Iron Man V1 #1-300+ (covers, splashes, panels) Iron Man Hostess page, rejected pages, other misc iron man art including appearances in other titles. Tales of Suspense pages. Green Hornet art (anything from Harvey, gold key or now), Terminator art (now comics), Aliens (dark horse), charlie chan (any publisher), star wars (anything from the marvel run), movie adaption art (from the following: dirty dozen, krull, dragonslayer, last starfighter, Indiana jones), dungeons and dragons cartoon art. I'm aware of most stuff on CAF, ebay, the regular auction pages... looking for stuff that's not posted... Thank you!
  5. Looking for the covers to iron man 182, 282, and 283! Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Looking for the covers to iron man 182, 218, and 283. Passed on the 283 at a convention years ago for $250, been looking ever since...
  7. For me, the cover to Iron Man #282 and #283. Missed the cover of #283 at a comic show years ago for $250. Kicking myself ever since.
  8. The Iron Man #1 was on comicartfans awhile back...I know it changed hands, but have know idea how much for. Me, these are my current grails (I want them, but would even love just to see them): Weird Mystery Tales #2 Cover (Titanic Story)...anyone have a scan of the B&W art? A Briefer Frankenstein Horror page from the 1950s Weird War Tales #27 Cover by Dominguez Iron Man #8 Splash (I passed on it when it was online at 1500, it was high priced at the time...) Green Hornet #1 painting (yes, I am dreaming) or the Dell Four Color 496 painting