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  1. Actually its the Department of Redundancy Department
  2. In the very funny 90's TV series Mad About You there's an episode where Eric Stolz turns Helen Hunt's character into a comic book hero.
  3. Wow, when you say you're thinking about getting into GA you ain't kiddin!!! That book is freakin amazing resto or not. Congratulations Roy.
  4. As far as I'm concerned any chance to look at more books, I'm for it.
  5. Those Stevens books are gorgeous. I still have all the Rocketeers in their various incarnations but I didn't realize all the other stuff he did. Are those books still readily available at reasonable prices?
  6. So I'm totally new at this and have a question. If I have books that I am willing to sell but would rather trade, is the this seller's thread the place to do that? And if so should I have the prices listed? I really don't know what the protocol is in the buy/sell/trade end of the hobby and I don't want to offend.
  7. oh if you have not read these yet, you are in for a treat! nice pickup! No kidding. American Flagg not only has Chaykin's great art but his best writing - very adult, very funny. Enjoy!