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  1. I was visiting Italy just before Como, mostly in Tuscany and was trying to figure out if I could extend things a bit. Didn't work out but its a gorgeous place.
  2. Received my Toth piece, let it pass a few years back and didn't want that to happen again. Really like having the feedback system.
  3. Some Toth to start the week. Pickup from the most recent CAL. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=2022609
  4. Picked up a Toth I had seen a time ago and lost track of, wanted a nice example for a while and this was pretty neat.
  5. Some overdue uploads in the pipeline, my second cover and my first piece from Tyler Crook. This is also the last (and assuming final) purchase from Cadence. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=2009954
  6. I ordered a cover from them during the Tyler Crook sale in the latter half of '23 (Payment completed in mid November) received it just before the end of the year. Guess I should count myself lucky.
  7. That makes it extra special, congrats! It's a beautiful example.
  8. Didn't get a chance to check this out fully but was curious about this Bob McLeod MoonKnight page. I don't really know his market Finished at just over $1100 with the fee. Like it quite a bit https://www.hakes.com/Auction/ItemDetail/279731/MOON-KNIGHT-35-COMIC-BOOK-PAGE-ORIGINAL-ART-BY-BOB-McLEOD
  9. Iman is very charming and has a good screen presence. Hopefully she'll get to do a bit more and not have to be bogged down by the MCU machine.
  10. My pickup from the recent Comic Art Live, HOM is something I tend to keep on my radar and wanted to add something from E.R. Cruz. Nice bit of title splash too!
  11. It was a neat event and I like the panels that coincide, especially just getting to listen to more stories from Howard Chaykin. I had saved a bunch of stuff and seemed plenty of sellers were ready to wheel and deal (based on email offers) I ended up picking up one piece that I liked and made an offer on. Seller for that was great to work with as well, which is also a plus.
  12. Day of the Chaykin! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1965522
  13. Something from a recent Comiclink lot. Storyboard by Darwyn Cooke, for a Batman Beyond special in 2014 (Done for the Batman 75th Anniversary) The special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z65aq1EVGhs&t=5s
  14. Couple of additions to my personal sketchbook over the weekend at NYCC. Jason Shawn Alexander Alvaro Martinez Bueno (His piece inspired by Walter from his book 'The Nice House on the Lake')
  15. Painted Dredd commission by German Peralta, this was in the pipeline for a bit and was finally able to pickup at NYCC.
  16. The seller had just reached out to follow up. Glad you'll be getting your pages back!
  17. My first piece(s) of Comic related were these sketches from my first Con (Big Apple Con 2003) done by Toby Cypress Unfortunately Spidey was lost during a move but feel like he may pop back up. My first published page was from Abe Sapien done by Max Fiumara (NYCC 2016) So 2 outta 3 firsts I still have.
  18. It might be best to contact Terrificon directly to confirm, seems like fairly strict rules coming from Mohegan directly.
  19. I think that may be part of the more recent behavior. Claims would fly in due to the FOMO but now collectively it's a marathon rather than a race. So you take the chance and really upsell, you'll only need a few bites to offset a whole stack potentially.
  20. Have a few pickups recently that are Tunnel Territory, most recent is this one! First Chaykin and first time purchasing overseas (Tavole Originali in Italy) they were great to deal with. Creepy #64 p.39
  21. I'd chalk this up to a weird exchange and perhaps some tone deafness. It happens, perhaps leave out any exposition in the future and just discuss the commission as if its someone you actually want work from.