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  1. Moving right next door to Cambridge. If there isn't one, I may open one.
  2. Hardly any in comparison. Maybe three long boxes and 70 - 100 slabs. All my big hitters, Hulk 1, CCA 1, AF 15 etc I got rid of after a massive bout of depression in 2009. Just getting back into it now.
  3. Thanks, that makes sense. With new comics, off the stand in the UK, are they 'US' comics, or are they a UK variant?
  4. So it would appear Im moving back to the UK from Canada. Quick question. What's the collector scene like in the UK now? I brought 10,000 comics with me when I moved here in 2005, but don't remember many shows, and it was nigh on impossible to buy American comics without shipping them from the US. Thanks.
  5. sorry, that was for people who follow on twitter. i am a cop, currently suing my service over corruption cover up issues. (and seriously, think they’ll give a mess). just asking guys and girls on the board to keep an eye out.
  6. Hey, dont know whether this is the right thread but im sure someone will let me know if it isnt. Someone entered one of the outbuildings on my farm in the past 8 weeks (i know, ive just not had cause to go in there) and took a load of stuff. Tools etc. All can be replaced. However those bastards took my Sideshow Collectables Silver Surfer statue I was storing in there also. It has slight damage so ill know its mine. This is up in Canada, near Toronto. I put a tweet out today, but if anyone sees one come up for sale let me know. Heres the tweet -
  7. I know it’s only a 1.0, but I love this comic.
  8. Meant a Zurzolo sale. But he put it on Facebook shortly after I posted this.
  9. Now that's what I'm talking about! Awesome! my grail....fantastic looking 1.5 as well....congrats Lauren....
  10. That had crossed my mind as well. Okay I'm spoiler tagging this because it's kinda gross but I don't see it being too far outside the realm of possibility. Don't knock it til you've tried it! (thumbs u
  11. I thought it was Birmingham and here is mine I love Charlie Adlards work, although I am a great fan of Moores to (thumbs u does Charlie do commisions off his website?
  12. +1 easily. i can't think of a read ive enjoyed more. (thumbs u
  13. depends. if it's a choice of covers, moore all the way. if it's interiors, of course i'll take early issues first, which just happen to be moore. but i'd rather have issue #19 interiors than almost any moore interiors. is that the one where Michonne arrives/ Dexter gets shot in the head?
  14. Gav and Gary love Charlie since they're all "neighbours" over there. Did I spell that right? ha, i don't think they're quite neighbours...i think Gav first met Adlard when he served him with a restraining order... and for the record, ive owned Adlard WD OA and loved it....still prefer Moore though.