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  1. Incredible hulk #449 1st Thunderbolts CGC 9.4 White $100.00
  2. Micronauts #1 CGC 9.2 White.. Again, no idea.. But the sharpest 9.2 you could buy. $55.00
  3. Incredible Hulk #441 CGC 9.4 White pages. Pulp Fiction Homage cover. $75.00 (I have zero clue why this book is only a 9.4)
  4. Fathom Preview Special (1st appearance Fathom) CGC 9.8 White pages! $350.00
  5. Droids #2 CGC 9.8 White pages! Stunning copy all around! $130.00 Tough book!
  6. Droids #1 CGC 9.2 (thought it would be 9.4/9.6) White pages. Star Comics! $50.00 Really sharp copy
  7. Fantastic Four #1 Skottie Young variant (2013) CGC 9.8 White pages! $125.00
  8. X-Men #4 1st appearance of Omega Red! CGC 9.8 White pages $110.00
  9. X-Factor #6 1st Apocalypse! CGC 9.4 White pages (stunning copy, has production chip front cover. This is common on this book) $90.00
  10. Thought I would give the boards first crack before I put these in my Ebay store. First gets the book (If a PM'd agreement/offer is accepted it will go by time stamp). No HOS/PL folks, please get yourself in good standings first. Shipping is priority $15.00, International will be exact cost. Feel free to send offers via PM. Check or MO are appreciated, Paypal is accepted as well! And now for some comics.
  11. Its common if books are not allowed a long enough cool down period in the press.
  12. 13 book modern submission 6/4 - shipped. 6/8 - delivered. 6/19 - GEI 6/26 - Grading/Quality Control 6/28 - Shipped
  13. my 6/8 is at G/QC for a few days now. It seems they were slammed with submissions prior to price increase and there is a bottleneck.
  14. 13 book modern submission 6/4 - shipped. 6/8 - delivered. 6/19 - GEI 6/26 - Grading/Quality Control
  15. That is actually illegal, and why contractors split payments. Once you pass 75% completion or thereabouts it becomes illegal to rip out the work you have performed. This is why most contractors (I honestly never heard of one that doesnt take a deposit) get money for materials and some labor upfront, because people will stiff you and you lose on not only time but materials.
  16. So you are telling me people go out and spend 10-15K on supplies on a handshake? I call BS, I dont care where you live.
  17. If you wanted a car frame off restoration you are paying a large chunk up front. Comparing this to a brake job is silly at best. Plumbing, Electrical, etc all require a deposit of usually 50%. And the balance paid upon completion.