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  1. Paul do you know if the encapsulation will be done in order? Oldest to newest? My sub was received 2/22/22, or if there is any type of price adjust since orders were sent in higher tiers? Thanks.
  2. And the thing is I would've asked for my economy sub back a year ago if i didn't keep checking the forums and seeing positive news :(
  3. its been 31 business days since my bulk was accepted, its crazy how bulk was being turned around in less than a week and now taking long once more. Pretty sure I wont see my stuff until after the holidays at this point
  4. I might have to do the same... Keep waiting out for hope but I paid extra to get my cards back sooner and now they've taken longer than bulk would've :/
  5. go to the new site cgccards.com I couldnt find my stuff this morning either until I saw that pop up, really wished an email was sent before but you know how it goes sometimes.
  6. If you plan on sending some in, do it separately from the rest of your order because its going hold the entire thing up.
  7. Sigh... I have an ECON sub that was received 1/21/22 and has been in G/E/I since then so ymmv. No metal cards just a normal 20 card sub. Support has been less than helpful : /
  8. Is email or calling best to check on an order that is past the 25 Business days for an Econ sub?
  9. I heard that if you have one of the metal Pokemon cards it will delay your order because there is a shortage of the slabs designed for those cards.
  10. WOW how many cards if you mind me asking? Mines been sitting in G/E/I since Received: 1/21/22
  11. CGC has a pristine 10 and perfect 10, Pristine being one of the grades is a 9.5 and perfect being all around 10. The problem is if you didn't pay for subs previously, the highest you can get is a Pristine 10, so even if it was a perfect 10 you could only get a pristine 10. What I am figuring out is that you have to "Grade" the card again to find out of its a perfect 10 or pristine 10, but you might as well pay the $10 to get the sub grades along with the grading tier. I was hoping there was an option to just submit as reholder to get the subs but unfortunately it seems like that is not that case.
  12. Are we able to submit as reholder for pristine 10s with no subs to get subs or is it regrade?