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  1. I've submitted several orders and received a few label errors. How do I go about re-submitting these cards to get the label corrected? Is there a charge? If this information is provided in the website? If so, please direct me to the correct area. Thanks.
  2. Just to make sure I understand correctly, will you crack it out of the case or do I need to do that before submitting? Thanks in advance.
  3. This happen to me once. It was a Classics ProLine auto of Junior Seau. CSG has a list of a few cards they will not grade and that was one of them. I just didn't pay attention before submitting it.
  4. I think printing plates look awesome with the black flip. The Neil Smith is mine. GBR!
  5. May have spoke too soon. I've checked out a few of the pictures but now the status reverted back to "Grading/Quality Control". I will keep you posted.
  6. Jumped to shipped about 20 minutes after I posted this. My 9.5 or higher rate percentage stayed about the same even with the new grading scale. I pre-screen my cards and don't send anything in that doesn't have a chance to gem (with the exception of a few vintage or rare PC cards). 100 cards submitted, 14=10s and 33=9.5s. No pristine but figured they would be nearly impossible.
  7. I've been very impressed with how quickly my last bulk submission has been moving. Again, very impressed with CSG and their response to customer feedback. Shipped 3/3 Received: 3/21 Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging: 3/28 or 29 Grading/Quality Control: 4/7 Quality Control/Finalized Shipped:
  8. I believe I've read this in a different post. If you have a CSG 10 Perfect with all sub-grades listed as 10's, that would cross over to the new CSG 10 Perfect with the black label. They will then list all sub grades on the back of the flip. Admin-please correct if I'm wrong.
  9. I agree. The changes that occurred were well thought out and intentional. The "green" flips (even though I actually liked them) were too far from the industry norms and people didn't gravitate to them. They changed the label and made the grading system more similar to what the consumers valued. The cases have always been fantastic and I am so glad they didn't get away from something that everyone appreciated. I appreciate the way this company listened to their customers and made changes. The feedback on the new flips and grading system have been very positive on social media. Just a matter of time before CSG makes the top 2 in the grading industry. Well done CSG!
  10. And it's automatic...... if you have the credit there, they will use it first. I didn't have to do anything.
  11. Start here. If you still have question, please ask. These directions are pretty thorough. https://www.csgcards.com/submit/how-to-submit/
  12. You are correct. The only way you had a chance at a perfect score was if you paid for sub grades.
  13. It’s automatic. They will credit it towards your first invoice. Good luck.
  14. Some people think this is the new label color combination. Looks nice but just rumors as of now.
  15. I'm sure like everyone else in here, I look over my cards carefully before submitting. I use a lighted magnifier to make sure I don't miss anything. Unless it's a PC card, vintage, or ultra rare, I won't submit a card that I don't think has a legitimate chance of gem minting. Part of the inspection is checking out the surface. If there is a mark or smudge, I attempt to clean it with a microfiber jewelry cloth just to confirm the surface condition. I couldn't imagine submitting a card with a smudge or expect someone else to "clean" my card when you're submitting the cards for grading. It's part of the pre-grading process for my piece of mind.
  16. And this one These two from my last submission. Both scored a 9.5 w/10 autos and the population has them both listed as 9's.
  17. Can we also add corrections here? This should be a 9.5 in the population report but only has it listed as a 9. Thanks
  18. CSG has entered the data for Population Reports. I don't think the pop report is complete as I there are a few cards I tried to look up and couldn't. Just start typing what's on the label of your card. Eventually, you'll see the title to click on. You don't have to enter anything else to see the results. It's pretty cool so see how many of certain cards have been graded over the past year.
  19. I really like these sleeve from Fire Box Cases. You can find them on Facebook. They don't advertise the CSG sleeves but they are super clear and tight. I love the way the green compliments the labels.
  20. Exploring the site today to see what's changed since my last submission and found the Population Report under the Resources Tab! Obviously, it's not complete yet but an awesome step in the right directions CSG Team! Way to go! #AnotherWin
  21. Exploring the site today to see what's changed since my last submission and found the Population Report under the Resources Tab! Obviously, it's not complete yet but awesome step in the right directions CSG Team! Way to go! #AnotherWin
  22. Mine is for exactly what you mentioned, value. The fewer graded, the fewer graded higher, impacts the value for me as an investment. I probably would matter if it was a PC card though.
  23. I believe turn around times have been relatively consistent for the past several months. I would just plan on 6-7 months. Hope this helps.
  24. I've submitted two bulk orders and both were received by CSG the first week of April. I had both back by July 1 (the one with sub grades shipped on June 21). At the time, it matched the turn around time. I just submitted a new bulk order that I shipped October 25 and it was mark "received" on November 1 and "scheduled for grading" already. So much faster than the first few submissions. The future is bright!
  25. I think you may want to look up the definition of bait n' switch. Nothing was "switched", your order is just taking longer than expected.