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  1. If I buy a raw vintage card and it successfully goes through ebay authenticity then I leave the sticker on the provided plastic sleeve and overnight it to CGC for grading, Will that guarantee me a reimbursement from ebay if its fake even tho cgc breaks the seal to check the card??
  2. i dont think becoming more leniant is the way to go i like the gem rate CGC grades accurate and sticks to there scale thats why i stay with them but I do agree on specials and promotions for sports I see SGC making moves with Bowman chrome and others giving them huge jumps in submissions and making them more relevant in the hobby.. That comic book scam certainly didnt help the cgc brand!! Your not wrong tho I was expecting better then 6K per month myself I think CGC has a decent reputation, great slabs and grading but something is missing still I realize its a slow process but never gonna compete with psa at this rate They need to offer promotions and get more aggressive. CGC putting everything into comics n TCG why not do the auto promotions with Sports! Why not get peyton manning, TB or Lebron to sign like how they did with the TCG cards with the special flip they're awesome.. Dont forget the sports guys!!! i been with csg from day 1 I dont want my slabs to be the comic grader who does sports sometimes..
  3. i got 1954 jackie grade a little larger then usual card size
  4. you can easilly check by the gem rate data i havent checked in a while but cgc use to be twice as difficult to get a gem per card then psa, when it comes to vintage i think cgc are a little easier on corners if overall appearence of the card isnt affected but they are more strict on surface n color, compared to sgc they are very close a dude who grades with cgc a lot cracked around 30 sgc vintage slabs and sent to cgc got almost identical grades give or take .5.. imo psa sux at grading vintage it seems like they just give low grades to old card for no reason its very random, cgc sticks to their scale if you read the scale you can pregrade pretty good
  5. 😂 just happened to me! economy was 20 days when i mailed n it just went to 45 days! ouch! not happy but all graders go back n forth psa was moving fast n they're up to 3-4 monthes again, I usually get my cards back from csg faster then the time given hopefully thats the case again, good thing is they're grading a lot of cards giving them staying power n hopefully better resale value going foward, Goodluck!
  6. To increase insurance to cover the value of my cards CGC has to sign for the package. Might be a stupid question but Will CGC sign for my package??
  7. im hoping they get bigger holders soon i want to get 1970 Pistol Pete rookie in a cgc slab to match my other petes
  8. the psa registry has to be insane so many cards over the years I like cgc registry because you have a chance of having the best sets
  9. 💯💯 fr i watch a lot of reveals its insane how inconsistent they are, im baffled why psa gets a premium on their slabs, sometimes it seems like they are guessing or just putting random numbers on cards huge swings both undergrading and overgrading in the same submission within same sets of cards 90/10 centering getting a psa 8, a flawless card getting a psa 3..Ill buy n sell psa but ill never sub with em its a crapshoot
  10. i did hear that psa figured out a way to tell the the difference between the original prints n the post liscense star cards thats why they started grading them but who knows how true that is ... , I like how cgc dont take chances when it comes to their guarentee but the 84-86 star are important cards in the hobby i hope they can figure out a way to differentiate the liscensed from the non in the future.. CGC over 200,000 cards subbed in july 💪 hopefully they can maintain those numbers to be the clear number two grader
  11. they should authenticate the ones made by the employees as long as they can discern ones from the mid 80's from ones counterfeited today
  12. hopefully ya's reconsider in the future for reasons i mentioned below, If CGC wants to the number one grader they gotta grade the goats rookie! ha thanx for responding so fast
  13. i thought the hobby was moving past that whole debacle with star, even the star cards produced by the ex star employees are legit, they use to work their ya cant tell the difference the print runs are still super low. MJ is becoming more of a legend everyday, the 84-86 jordan star cards are gonna be some of the biggest cards in the hobby, CGC has to get involved sooner or later, the 84 jordan star is his rookie its a liscensed card how can CGC not grade the original MJ rookie.. Collectors including myself want to get their star cards out of bgs but psa is insanely brutal on MJ's controlling popcounts, we need a CGC option to crossover.. Lets go Andy you know Im right! its like not grading the 52 mantle because of some rogue employees at topps
  14. Does CGC grade star basketball cards from 1984-1986? Will ya's ever? or will ya's do a crossover from BGS to CGC?
  15. it is 50/50 around for a pristine, 55/45 for a gem still i think thats good, the only grade thats vague is the 9.5 but like andy said pretty much a gem with a slight flaw, I did like that perfect flip a lot im debating on buying one but buying a card for the flip n not the card is tough to do for me and i cant afford to buy a perfect in a card i like ha, the discount for members is nice 13.50 or 12$ economy thats sweet gonna sub some soon i wanna change out my csg flips but im not crazy about sending my high value cards via fedex or usps for a 5$ flip, it'll give me grey hair until i get my cards back, you gonna get your csg flips changed?