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  1. I have been looking for a Byrne Xmen page forever. This one ticks 90% of the boxes, but as Tim mentioned it's missing "Snikt". I would be shocked if this sells less than 75k. Forza Italia
  2. Anybody here a good card grader?? I have a Jordan Rookie 86 Fleer. Sides and corners are super sharp, it's off centre so want to get an opinion. Please pm me if you can lend a hand
  3. This beauty going n my collection
  4. McFarlane Spidey and Byrne X-Men page. Having trouble finding the right pages and a price I can afford.If you have any and looking to sell, lmk
  5. Quick question for the resident experts here as I'm in the market for a XMEN Byrne page. What would you consider FMV for these pages???
  6. McFarlane Spidey Bryne X-Men Here is to hoping in 2020
  7. If any one has one they want to sell, please pm me. Only Hardcover I'm missing for my collection
  8. Looking for a Mcfarlane Spidey page. Must have Spidey and spaghetti webbing at a minimum. My CAF gallery is https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=93691 May be open to trades Can provide references if need be Andre
  9. Well was finally able to add a Frank Miller piece to the collection. Grail piece for me, thanks to seller for great time payments and for letting it go. And special thanks to Chris C on these boards for all his advice and insight.
  10. Hello fellow collectors, looking for some help regarding pricing on Jim Lee Hush pages. If you are knowledgeable on these pages please pm me. Thanking you in advance Andre
  11. My 2019 goals are to focus on getting quality pieces. Ideally I would like to add 2 of the following 1) Frank Miller DD page( already found and on time payments) arrival date in 2019 2) Tim Sale page with Joker on it. Have a few Dark Victory and Long Halloween Pages, bust sadly no Joker 3) Mcfarlane Spidey page. Have seen a bunch, but waiting for the right one 4) The right Byrne X-Men page Lastly, sell some art that no longer fits my long term focus. Good luck to everyone and their collecting goals
  12. i may have a room at Embassy. Let me check and get back to you
  13. Looking for a nice Long Halloween page. Shoot me over scans and asking price. I'm easy to deal with and can provide references.
  14. congrats Andre. Still looking for a 31? Yup 31 and 27. It will be a while though
  15. Latest addition. can post now that it URL=http://s491.photobucket.com/user/azilli/media/6dc21715-e64b-484f-86e7-4b439f024348_zpsf74def1c.jpg.html][/url]
  16. Totally agree, and the insufficiently_thoughtful_person that I am i left the 2 most expensive for last.
  17. $43,000 Thanks! -J. My jaw dropped too after seeing the final hammer price. I would think it would sell in the $35k range with the tape in the inside cover. So is it safe to say TEC 35 is now a minimum of 8k a point with no tape etc?
  18. 43k and counting. Bob Kane file copy or not that's crazy!!!!! brittle pgs, from bound volume, 2 extra staples added, not manufacturing, trimmed, incomplete: 13th & 14th page missing, affects story