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  1. Standard tier order of 5 cards and no sub-grades - Fedex delivered March 22, Marked received in CSG system on April 23 - no more updates since then. It has been 11 business days since received and I think the turnaround for standard is 32, so hoping it gets mailed out by end of month.
  2. From my understanding through a few emails their working dates are based off of bulk submissions. My standard tier submission which was delivered on March 22 was entered into the CSG system on April 23.
  3. I had a standard tier submission which was delivered and signed for on March 22. It was entered into the system yesterday, April 23. So took almost exactly a month.
  4. I just received my confirmation email that they have recieved my package and it is entered into the system. It was a 5 card standard tier submission. It was delivered and signed for on March 22. So took a month to be entered.
  5. I just received an email back from CSG today (April 15) answering some questions about oversized and SU. This was their response: When will the new larger cases be available? We are still waiting for the manufacture to finish producing the holders. We hope to have the holders in house within the next few weeks Will I be charged if the item is oversized or marked as SU? No, cards sent back with SU are not charged. If the larger cases are not available by time you get to my package, do I have the option for CSG to hold on to them until they can be graded/encased? To save money and time on having to ship anything back? If we are still in the process of grading your items or have not gotten to your items and the holders arrive, your items will be encapsulated in the new thicker holders.
  6. My understanding with Walkthrough and Express is that you write it on the outside of the package so they are aware of the service level. With the other levels, no idea. I would assume the same thing, they open it and it gets sorted into a different line.
  7. Thank you for the clarification! Since you guys are experiencing a few weeks backlog of entering submissions into your system it might be best to state that on the website or update the turnaround times. I found the wording around that a bit confusing as I assumed the 25 working day turnaround would start when you received the package in the mail. When in fact it is 25 working days plus a few weeks to enter into the submission. (On a side note, the customer service has been amazing so far and this forum is a great addition!)
  8. @NicholePer thanks for the response! So to clarify, my understanding is that the estimated turnaround time starts when you receive the package (ie. From FedEx) not when you enter the package into the system. Thanks again!
  9. I have been getting a bit worried the more and more I read about CSG and older cards. I have sent in one submission of 5 cards (3 from the 1950s, 1 from the 1960s, 1 from 1980s). The order was received last Monday but has yet been entered into their system. Fingers crossed they will all grade and at least if they do not they won't charge me. They did mention they grade up to the size of Topps vintage cards on their website.
  10. I am curious to know what the stated turnaround times include. For example - I sent in a small 5 card submission using the Standard service which states it is 25 working days. Do those 25 days start when the submission is signed for when delivered or does it start when CSG enters the submission into the computer? My order showed it was received on Monday (through FedEx tracking) but has yet to be entered into the CSG system. Do these count within the turnaround time or not? Thanks again!
  11. Thanks Matt, that is great information to know. I must have missed the Ask CSG forum, I will make sure to use that in the future! Thanks again
  12. Just a quick question. From the tracking information of my Fedex shipment to CSG, I can see that it arrived on Monday, March 22. How long does it typically take from the parcel being received to the submission showing up on the website in the "My Submissions" page? Currently when I go on the page it says I do not have any submissions. This is my first sub to any grading company ever, so just getting to know the ropes of thing. Thanks!