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  1. I can't speak of why your card received an AU grade other than saying that if a specific card is hand-cut smaller than the industry standard for that particular card it will receive an AU grade. As for why the AU card shows a grade of 1 on the Population Report all AU cards show as a 1 since there is no AU designation on the Population Report. You will also find that if you add your card to the CSG Registry it will also receive points assigned to the grade of 1 for scoring purposes. Generally speaking you will not receive any notice or information as to why a card grades a certain way.
  2. The 2022 Panini Classics Len Dawson H2 Premium Edition Timeless Tributes cards all seem to have the same print error on left hand side of the reverse. This print error appears on all of the Len Dawson H2 Premium Edition Timeless Tribute parallels I can find on Ebay, including the Gold /99, Red /35, and Orange /10 pictured here. My question is since this is a consistent print error across all of these parallels for this player, and is not unique to one particular card, would that affect the grade for any of the cards it is on?
  3. I totally agree. I have hundreds of old cigarette and tobacco film star cards from the 1930s and 1940s I would have loved to send in to CSG. The black & white cards would have looked really sharp in the black label CSG slabs. But if they have to be sent in to the trading card division since they are non-sports I really don't think the blue label of those slabs will do anything aesthetically for them.
  4. Congratulations to all the winners. Truly there are some tremendous sets within the Registry and those chosen are well deserving of the accolades! I am super jealous of that 1947 Bond Bread set!
  5. northkorea hit the nail on the head. Did you purchase the card from someone else, or is this a card you personally sent in? I could not find where you stated one way or the other. You have only said you paid more for a card with subgrades. If you bought it from someone else and they charged you more because it has subgrades then you are not really due any credit from CSG. That being said, if you are the original submitter of the card then I would certainly agree you should be due a credit of the cost of subgrades.
  6. Game Ticket Blue Explosion /39 As for value and if it is worth it it just depends on whether Herbert is someone you collect. I don't so I would not pay $250 for it, but it really is subjective to the buyer.
  7. I haven't had that experience. For the Registry all the Green Label 9.5s I have sent in to date have counted for the Black Label 10 points. Mind you, I had to delete the Green Label 9.5 from the Registry and then add the new Black Label 10 (since it is a new cert #) in order for the points to be correct. For instance, the Project 2020 George Brett Mister Cartoon I had as a Green Label 9.5 only counted as 77 points on the Registry. Once I received it back in the Black Label 10 I deleted the green label cert, and added the new black label cert, and it is now worth 213 points. I think in time all green label 9.5s will probably be deleted if it has been upgraded to the 10 black label, but I can just imagine how that will go.
  8. While that is true it with the Pop Report the Registry does not "upgrade" Green Label 9.5s to Black Label 10s unless you get the card reholdered, at least not from what I can tell with my Green Label 9.5s. Why it is true for one but not the other is maybe something they are working on?
  9. CSG does not, unfortunately. As you said I think PSA is the only one who will.
  10. The "No Copyright" designation should be on the label. If you contact Customer Service they will send you a prepaid label so you can send it in under the Mechanical Error process. You will not be charged any fees or shipping costs since it is an ME submission.
  11. Unfortunately, if you send in a green label card that has subgrades it will lose those subgrades when reholdered in the new black label, regardles if it is an ME, and will receive a new Cert #.. The only way a green label card will retain subgrades is if it is a Perfect 10 (it will still get a new Cert #, though).