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  1. Does 12 days from when it delivered to CGC and still not showing up in submissions seem normal since it estimates turn around time is 20 days?
  2. I have a foil cover death of superman anniversary comic. In the bottom front cover it has a bend type thing in the corner. Looks like something in the manufacturing or boxing pressed down on the corner. Didn’t break ink or anything like that. Its not a fold but like as if an edge of something heavy pressed down on it. Should I have it pressed? Or would it be better not to?
  3. Is there any Online Retailer that you trust to send you high grade (not professionally) comics? Or any to stay away from? For example ordering comics that come out this month and receiving copies that don;t have any bends, ticks, etc. And I am not talking about individual sellers but instead big retailers?
  4. I sent in a Wolverine #1 for grading that had no spine issues but after grading it had three spine ticks and of course a lower grade. Anyone experience comics being bent while grading?
  5. My question is really how much more time does a custom label add to the return time typically?
  6. I sent in 5 books one with a custom label. The other four were graded quickly (maybe too quickly) and shipped back and the one with the custom label is still sitting at grading. Does it often affect the return time?
  7. What I really hate is no notes on lower grades. In the 80s I bought a lot of comics, bagged and boarded them and never read them. Never touched them until recently sending them off and for example I got a 9.2 on one recently. The comic had never even been opened to look at until the grader did. How on earth is it a 9.2? I admit I am not a grader but I have been in the comic book collecting for about 40 years. I've sent other similar books off and gotten 9.8s. Why can't they explain what they see that drops a book several grades? I personally saw nothing and thats why I picked it to send off, pages where white, corners crisp, nothing missing, no creases of any kind, not misaligned, not rolled, not bent, not dirty, nothing. Is that why there are no notes? They don't see anything either? I've sent off I think about 25 to 30 books. None have notes. Ranging from 9.2 to 9.8.
  8. Grade is in. No clean no press. I did lightly remove the color rub.
  9. I have a submission with an X-Men comic that says the date is 9/10 but it actually should be 10/91. Is this going to matter? I emailed the submission email and told them all the information but I wasn't even sure if this is going to be an issue or not. Since I emailed will it get fixed in the system?
  10. my 9.6's had no notes as well. Seems kind of lame to not include why it received the grade it did especially considering the higher the grade the less notes you would have. A 9.6 would probabaly only be a couple of comments anyway.
  11. Yeah I get that a press can take out minor dents etc. But if a comic has none whats the point of a press? I guess a follow-up question would be if CGC gets two identical clean and flawless comics where one is pressed flat and the other was not... would they grade the pressed comic one tier higher than the not pressed book? Because in my mind they shouldn't. But with so much pressing going on and it becoming the "standard" before submitting anything.. does it lower the grade of an unpressed (unaltered) book by comparison?
  12. Does anyone collect the old advertisement cards that used to be given in the bags at comic shops? Just curious if there is a market for this stuff?
  13. Ok I posted an 1991 X-Men #1 in the 'Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Grade?' And besides the tiny color rub which I think I can take care of I see nothing else wrong with the comic. I bought it brand new picking out one off the rack that looked the best and immediately put it in a hard mylar bag and had it stored since it was bought. Has no bends or creases or any kind of dirt. Nothing. And one of the suggestions said 'with a C&P maybe a 9.2 or 9.4. Has the C&P thing become the default standard that all comics need a C&P in order to get the highest grade or does it really only help with a comic that has some slight soiling and slight creases or bends but people are just used to saying it now? I mean in my mind a perfectly clean comic with no bends shouldn't need it in order to get the highest grade.
  14. Ok I do think it's color rub as well which the way I understand it is a manufacturing artifact because it comes from comics sliding on top of each other while the ink is still slightly wet. There is another version of "color rub" when comics are stacked on top of each other without bags and boards but this looks more like a dirty comic and this kind can be cleaned off. I started looking at other 1991 X-men #1 on ebay. A lot of the Newstand versions of Magneto cover have similar color rub as mine. And some are even graded 9.8 as seen in this auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/304473165165 So my question is does this type of color rub cause a ding on the score typically? If it doesn't like this one seems to show then what would mine grade at not considering the color rub?
  15. I see what you are talking about. It looks like a faint streak of ink from the printing. Counted as manufacturing defect? How much of a ding is this?
  16. Don't believe there is any color rub anywhere. Might be a glare? That last image has a glare on it you can see it's not on the full cover image.
  17. It's basically what I do all every day at work. If you have a database (IBMDB2, Oracle, TSQL, etc) a query could be written fairly easily to do just this and that can be incorporated into HTML via several different methods. We use Python to create database websites that are user adjustable in the sense that they can enter a lot ID and search for it and pull up all the relevant data. Any IT type should be able to create something.
  18. I have a set of news stand X-Men First issues from 1991 I am thinking of sending in. I bought them brand new, never opened them and immediately put them in mylar and thats where they have sat since 1991. Just curious what you guys think. I sent off a news stand Punisher #1 that came back 9.6 which I thought should of been higher as I can't see anything wrong with it at all and it was handled the same way as this one. But it just shows me my grading is off by a bit... so help me out with an estimate on this one please?
  19. First basically everyone wants to know all the time when their grading will be completed and where their collectibles are. The current methods for estimating anything are completely arbitrary since everything is dependent upon current volume or "Work In Process." For example saying my items are at "Scheduled For Grading" means literally nothing if you don't know how many items are in that pool and where yours falls in that "First In First Out" line. If you have a database where all items are given a number and if each "operation" has an ID (Received, Scheduled for Grading, Grading, Quality Check, Shipping, etc) then wouldn't it make more sense to incorporate an SQL query to pull in an orders item number, operation and Count of items ahead of you in that operation and plug that into the website? It could be all automated and update on a schedule or as people check their order status. Most likely for bandwidth the best idea would be to update the query like once a day. I mean if I looked at my order and saw Item Number 1 is at Grading with 300 items ahead of it and then later checked and it said 200 items ahead of it... I wouldn't bother asking where my item is. I would just keep checking to see if it had moved closer. This would require each item being 'moved in' and 'moved out' of each operation as they are completed. Queries could be written to give you a lot of metrics based on that information.