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  1. RIP to another artist from my collecting past. By the way, is it common knowledge regarding Delbo's NFT success? I was approached by the same promoter to market my work just like Jose, but being an old guy, I didn't understand any of it or why digital art could have any value, perceived or otherwise. I never responded to the multiple offers! LOL Glad Jose got to enjoy some monetary success before passing on.
  2. That's only happened to me once in my 40 years of collecting (a collector offered me a Neal Adams Dracula page, gave me a price, I said yes, and then backed out). I was FURIOUS!!! You give me a price that I accept and then just say "never mind"??? Not cool. Not cool at all.
  3. Glad folks had a good time. Wasn't there, but looking at the various pics I've seen posted, it appears that the crowds seemed a little bit sparse. Perhaps that's a feature and not a bug for a show like this? Maybe attendees could comment on the crowd/attendance?
  4. Not a market I follow, but shouldn't Perez always be priced higher than Lim, all other things being equal? I mean, come on. Perez>Lim, right?
  5. Hey Byrne Xmen experts! Might the Xmen 137 page have underperformed a bit? I don't know that market as well as some, but the 81k price seems a tad light? Also thinking about it next to the DD 181 page at 156k--nice pages from big time key issues--but about half the price for the Xmen page with all the main characters, and the DD page that's Bullseye only. I know, kinda apples and oranges in some regards, but the comparison interests me.
  6. Nice Wildcats art keeps doing well. I held all of mine for about 20 years and started selling it for amounts in the $100's, forgetting that it takes 30 years for fans to age into prime nostalgia buyers! Now that stuff is going for tens of thousands, and I'm down to my last half dozen pages or so. You'd think my experience prematurely selling my Xmen art would have taught me something!
  7. You and I both wish! That said, it will be a typo in a few days when I turn 64!
  8. No disrespect, but when you say a kiddie cartoon figure, are you referring to any of the Spiderverse films? Because I've never read a Miles Morales Spiderman comic, and the quality of those films have made this 63 year old Spidey non-reader an ardent fan!!!
  9. I would love to own this page too, as I have the 2 pages around it. Beautiful. Good luck with your search!
  10. I was surprised on the DD 181 page with no Daredevil. Beautiful page from key issue, but it's an all Bullseye page. Very strong IMO. It feels like Miller DD is the new Miller Dark Knight.
  11. Seems like basic BWS Conan pages are flat price wise, and that's exactly what these are. Basic. Not terrible, but nothing that I, a hard core BWS Conan fan, would ever consider bidding on and buying. The true test will be if and when some exceptional pages get offered.
  12. I'm always interested in what the market is doing in regards to the Jim Lee art I'm associated with. A number of people commenting on how strong the Lee/Williams stuff was in this auction, but that Hush splash that went for 72k was definitely a six figure piece at the height of the market 18 months ago. The other Hush piece went low too IMHO. So the market HAS moved a bit.
  13. Yeah, but there's BWS Conan art, and then there's BWS post Conan 19 Conan art. I have strong nostalgia for both, but post Conan 19 also has a massive leap in aesthetic appeal (with a few exceptions revolving around inks, full or partial BWS pencils and editorial content). That said, no question that pre Conan 19 art is languishing a bit.
  14. I'm a HUGE BWS Conan fan, and there are a bunch of his Conan covers I would love to add to my collection. There are also a handful where that would not be the case. I'll leave it to your imagination as to which category this cover falls into.
  15. Heading to New York for NYCC in less than two weeks and I will be bringing the cover art for my X-MEN #26 Exclusive with me. Based on the classic X-MEN #5 cover by Jim Lee and myself, this one has a decidedly different take, with Wolverine and Deadpool taking center stage. If this original interests you (or the X-MEN 26 issue itself) I'll be set up in Artist's Alley at E-03 if you want to swing by. Happy collecting!
  16. Byrne might have been referring to never inking his convention commissions, rather than the comics themselves. I NEVER saw him ink his convention sketches from this period. And yes, when he got to Marvel, I rarely if EVER saw him ink his own work until he got on his post Xmen Fantastic Four run in 1981.
  17. Byrne was his own primary inker during this period in 1976. He was doing a bunch of comics then for Charlton (Doomsday +1 and Space 1999 for example) and inked all his own work. As for the sketch, I'm guessing it's an amateurish, badly inked Byrne sketch, including the signature (which looks off).
  18. For what it's worth, I don't care if Miller literally touched the page or not. The Miller/Janson collaboration was comic book alchemy at it's finest and how the final page looks and speaks to me is all that I care about. There are a ton of pages that are pure Miller pencils with Janson inks that I don't give a rip about (I'm talking characters in costume and in action). Same goes for the later Janson led issues. But if it's the right page with the right aesthetic and the right story beat, I'll go after it aggressively regardless of who did what and my bidding will be consistent with the content. But of course, everyone is free to make their own value judgements as they see fit.
  19. Janson is on my Mt Rushmore of inkers, and his work with Miller on DD is one of the high points of superhero comics in the history of the medium (IMHO). That said, the Miller inked version of the above sequence is so superior to the Janson inked version in every way (again, IMHO). I think it's just fascinating that both versions exist and is an excellent example of how the differences in link line, aesthetic and intention can influence pencils and storytelling so profoundly.
  20. I'm not a Heritage spokesman, but I think it's made pretty clear that these are the original but REJECTED Miller/Janson pages from the issue. That's it. That's what you are bidding on. I believe that the Miller inked version exists in some form, but my knowledge about its nature (cut up individual panels like so many of the all Miller edited panels from those issues or created complete on intact boards) is incomplete. Bottom line-if you are bidding and valuing these Heritage pages as if they are the actual published pages, you'd be making a mistake.
  21. I was actually offered these pages that Heritage is offering maybe 6 years ago. I was tempted, since it was such a key scene from the books, but the fact that it wasn't the published version ended up tipping the scale for me to pass. Still cool and historic pages. I actually like the published all Miller re-drawn, re-inked pages better, and would have been extremely motivated to add those into my collection.
  22. A Lee Wildcats strip? That's something I'd like to see!