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  1. Woo Hoo ! Thanks CGC for the wonderful prize package ! Nice ! That Bedard card is glorious ! .
  2. 2009 Topps UFC Round 1 Insanity CGC Registry Collections heh heh .
  3. and WOO HOO ! thanks for setting the point score on this one :
  4. ahh you guys are wonderful. thank you. Going through the rest of my received cards today.. One by one. and if I get too many beverages in, I promise not to post stuff again that can get me banned :) heh
  5. ohhhhh.. sorry non-sports folks ! HI Moderator, possible to move this over to the CGC Sports card forum ?
  6. Can't see my my posts here anywhere. I must be banned already.
  7. ugh again. This card did add but with a zero point score. This is one of the elite cards of the set. maybe one day things will work here.
  8. Welp. Getting the 'Your card is not part of this set' thing when attempting to add a card to a registry set that has the full checklist listed, and 20 cards already registered in the set again. I have to wait for someone to approve a card for the registry set that already has the full checklist in it and part of the set already in it. ugh.
  9. ok thank you . One card from the same relic subset was graded from the same submission. Will await the fate.. thanks :)
  10. HI, I just received back an order where two cards were not graded and documented as Service Unavailable. The issue is these exact cards were graded before and I was trying to upgrade my set registry with others. Registry link listed below. Wondering why ? This is the registry set where service was available before for the same cards https://www.cgccards.com/registry/sports-cards/competitive-sets/25524/ Did a type of holder get taken away ? This would totally suck if so.
  11. I have 192 cards with CGC now in two separate submissions awaiting grading. Chose CGC over the big one due to the most extreme inconsistency that could exist. I did crackouts over on that side and grades changed from a 7 to a 10 in one case, multiple 8s to 9s, and the reverse. It was nutty. Grading there depends on how bad the day is for the grader after the hot chick told him to go away the night before. Am staying here.
  12. I've never gotten a Pristine, out of around 750 cards subbed. Bunch of 10s but never a pristine. It will be a surprise one day if I get one.
  13. coolness, thankyou again ! Will pay anyone 1000 bucks who can show any of those cards removed actually exist :)
  14. HI, providing all the details I have here The original sell sheet for the 2009 Topps UFC Round 1 set included 23 different 'Ultimate Gear' insert cards. Have been looking for 11 of them for 5 years Never seen one. Did the proper investigation and have found there are 11 cards from the set that was never printed. These are the cards that I am requesting to remove from the registry set list. Set: UFC Topps 2009 Round 1 Ultimate Gear BlowoutCards forums discussion: https://www.blowoutforums.com/showthread.php?t=1571968 The specific cards in the registry that I am hoping to have removed: UG-BJP BJ Penn UG-BV Brandon Vera UG-CK Cheick Kongo UG-DS Diego Sanchez UG-EH Ed Herman UG-KP Karo Parisyan UG-MB Michael Bisping UG-MD Mac Danzig UG-PK Paul Kelly UG-QJ Quinton Jackson UG-RH Roger Huerta With learning these 11 cards do not exist, my life has now been simplified. heh heh heh Thank you for assistance. If any further proof is required, I'll try and get ahold of additional sources.
  15. WOO HOO.. looks like they were able to replace the CSG images with my lame self taken CGC scans. That works thank you
  16. Alrighty !!! I just printed my final relabel submission form. 130 more cards and another 700 bucks after I send it in WOO HOO Looks like I can wait a week or so to get it in the mail. Seeing if the order was printed/finalized prior to Oct 31st and received by mid November, should still be good with the 5 buck a card thing. Would highly recommend getting any CSG cards relabeled to CGC. Although CSG cards are cool, it's just a thing where they all now have cooties due to the recent CGC migration. heh heh heh Anyway, am diggin' the CGC labels.
  17. Hi. This sucks. Worked hard on building this set. Want to show it properly. This sucks. Anyone care ? nope.
  18. Attempted a couple things again.. deleting existing CSG pic, and adding in my own pic etc. It just still grabs the CSG pic.
  19. That is one funky card to get graded. Cool !
  20. HI, I got a full set relabeled and all fine with switching the photo from the old CSG to newly labeled CGC pic on 101 cards out of 102 It's just the one card that will not flip over using the Add CGC Image button. UFC Topps 2009 Round 1 Base set. Cert listed below. It's line item 61 in the set and card # 58. Would you be able to flip the pic for me ?
  21. Welp. sent in my next batch for relabel another 870 bucks added to the costs of this stuff. Last batch came back fine so I have some faith from that aspect. I don't / didn't have any cards graded Perfect 10. Wasn't that just a thing on the non sports TCG side ? If the Perfect 10 was available for sports cards on the old CSG side.. i failed miserably at getting a single one.
  22. Just fyi for anyone doing the reholdering for cards from registry sets. The new CGC pics do not automatically replace the old CSG pic in the registry.. BUT !!! you can just click on the pic and you'll find a 'replace with CGC image' button. It flips it right over to the CGC image.. Now just have to do that about 500 times .. heh