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  1. Doing this for a friend. Has chipping on top and a small corner piece at the back missing. To grade or not considering it is lower grade but presents nicely. I am thinking around 3.5 or 4 but I don't know how to grade Marvels with chipping. Thank you for your help.
  2. I just posting this here as evidence that I pad last year. Of course that bulldog seller @Bio-Rupp did not do the honorable thing and have me removed from the probation list. He was paid about year ago as I said I would do. I don't care about being removed but I do want to clear my name. I PAID MY DEBT BUT I WILL NOT BE BULLIED INTO OVERPAY FOR SHIPPING. Here's the payment I sent but I removed the seller's name and mine from the email message.
  3. Hi everyone. This big girl arrived yesterday! I am shocked at the size. There is a story by Dame Darcy that made me pull the trigger. The art overall looks great. Going to the top of my reading pile.
  4. I am not going to read through this and I will remove the notifications from this forum. I told this seller I would just pay for the book. But he too offense to my exception of the high shipping. I don't need to disciplined by a seller. I am the purchaser. Any seller here would send ONE book in priority envelope. Why would I want to pay more for shipping than the book is worth? Why would you mail one cheap book in a priority box? Just ship it in a priority envelope $9 done. Nope he wants to charge me 13 + for shipping when that doesn't make a lick of sense to me. I come back to these boards and get ripped off my another seller. One who could give too about packing and throw the books loosely into the largest padded envelope I have ever seen. (look at my previous purchase last month) Cost ME $8 and my time to pack the books for return and the seller never gave me my shipping cost. I WILL NOT GET RIPPED OFF BY THESE BOARDS AGAIN. I am not paying $13+ to ship a $12 book. Sorry, not happening. So ban me and I will finally never be able to purchase and get screwed by the sellers here again. Thank you, do me the favor. It is a shame as I purchased a lot of my collection from these very boards. Oh well times change, I don't know why I bother revisiting this board as it leads me to just annoyance.
  5. I'll Take these if they are still available: Batman Gothic $5 Gotham Central V1 $5 Superman Birthright $5 The New York Five $5
  6. Some YouTube comic book channels are holding a virtual Comic-Con. It is streaming live this Saturday. This is the channel that will be hosting the live feed, if anyone is interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4_Hp-8fWfo3UvFEe9zk2-g
  7. You go stop. Please, just stop. I am not a repeat offender at returning things. Nor have I returned anything at MCS except for one thing that was their mistake. I don't deserve to be treated like that long customer. I can decide what I want to do with my money. So please, STOP reading this thread if it so appalls you. Why did I ever attempt to return to this forum. That was my biggest mistake.
  8. I have requested from your customer service to close my account. I want verification that all my history and payment records have been removed from your systems. Please do so immediately.
  9. I know this sounds silly to you. Perhaps it is. Perhaps, this why I stop posting here because I rarely get supported by this community. Why did I come back. I don't know. I was just sharing some information. Laugh, do what ever the you want with it. I am done again with these boards too.
  10. Apparently I am the big loser here. I paid for shipping on the item and I would most likely eat the cost because shipping would be too much to make it worth while. But the return policy of 25% is outrageous and I will not shop there again. That is MY RIGHT as a consumer. I am not trying to shed responsibility. The idea that someone here things I am trying to that makes me a bit mad. I posted here because while I was a customer at MCS, I never knew they had a restocking fee. NOW I do and NOW I will not shop there anymore. I rarely purchase from Best Buy. WHY? Because they too have a restocking fee. So i only purchase things like DVDs that are non-returnable. As a consumer I get to choose where I spend my money. I don't like to support business that don't work with the consumer. So there's that. Have a nice day.
  11. I so jelly of people with HPB near them. I do have the Strand that I used to score TPB at great prices but I rarely visit the store nowadays.
  12. While I posted this because I was quite appalled that they would even think to charge a restocking fee on such a small ticketed item. I would have to pay return shipping and then to swipe another 3 bucks that is just insulting. I just am trying to let other know that there is a restocking fee which I guess makes sense but in this day and age.
  13. I probably made the mistake. I thought I added it to the cart and then recall checking my order history with them as I have ordered supplies in the past. I like the polyethylene bags which no LCS near me carry they only carry the polypropylene which crinkle over time. I was ordering a comic and didn't want to just ship that one. So when I went back to the order, I may have realized I didn't add it to the cart so I picked it added it. I have been deleting my emails to keep my inbox clean for when I look at new mail on my phone. I never looked at the order so that was my mistake. However, to come back to we will take back the item at a 25% restocking fee is absurd. I have been ordering from MCS for over 10 years now. I will be closing my account and never using them again. For the record, she did reply back that they will waive the fee only this one time. I have no record of returns there except for an incomplete Katy Keene that I ordered. I had no issue with the return once I got past their quite unfriendly customer service rep, Beth at the time. What a nightmare she was.
  14. I am going to lower the price by $3.25 which is equal to the price that MYCOMICSHOP is going to charge me for a restocking fee. That's right a 25% restocking fee to return the bags. New price $11.75 Shipped in the US - I will keep this up until Wednesday.
  15. Yes, I am shaming them. Holy , Batman. I purchased the wrong sized bags from them which I am very careful when placing an order. Perhaps it was my mistake but I wanted to make sure I order the proper material bags. I use them for my TPBs. I inquired about returning them and they claim they didn't make any mistake and there is a 25% restocking fee. SERIOUSLY? The product is $13.00 and they are going to bust my hump for $3.00. Guess who will NEVER see my business again. There are way too many comic dealers and online shops. I am SO happy that I didn't give them my business when I spent $200+ on comic supplies. MCS, Goodbye. I stopped purchase from MileHigh as I didn't care for the owner's rants when crisis happened, nor his politics. I am so happy that you are willing to lose a customer over $3.25. Go fist yourself.