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  1. @Bleeck - This is what I am referring to on the impressivecomicbooks.com site regarding the submission for pressing comics. It does seem a little dicey (excel spreadsheet) as @revat mentioned. Does your $25 get thrown into a black hole? Have you submitted to CFP before?
  2. Been there. Done that. I haven't received a response yet so I'm posting here for more info
  3. The CFP Comics & Services website indicates that they are currently processing comics from 10/2021, suggesting an approximate 9+ month backlog. Various posts on these forums highlight this company as providing good service so I'm willing to wait in line. For those of you who have used CFP, do you need to submit your comics immediately (and have them sit at CFP) or do you have the option to send them in as the expected processing date gets closer? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the feedback and the welcome. This is a book I intend to keep - I put in into storage about 30 years ago and I have no intentions of selling it -- although it isn't in the best of conditions. My motivation for slabbing is to preserve what I have -- it's not an investment for me. My only requirement is that I don't want to spend more on grading than it's expected price after slabbing. I appreciate all of the good insights and feedback.
  5. I noticed that a couple of my comics have small divot marks, about the size and shape of a pen point. Does a pressing remove these types of markings? I've attached one of my covers with 4-6 of these divots. The rest of the cover appears great except for these. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. I'm trying to get a sense of whether my collection that I pulled out of storage (30+ years old) is worth grading. Here's a representative Spawn. What do you think this would grade as and would it even be worth submitting. Thanks for your feedback!
  7. Noob to CGC grading. I have a collection of comics that I bagged/boarded 30+ years ago. Here's an example of Terminator #1 with some wear. I'm curious what type of grade this might get and if it would even be worth sending in. Thanks for your feedback!