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  1. I was told it was a 2.5 ungraded but unrestored and they wanted $1600 They I KNEW that's who it was! i knew first I knew before you all. Stamped it, called it, no erasies, no double crossies. oops! You forgot no take backs I win! YAY! OMG i lol'ed at the " " i love this place
  2. The t-shirt is awesome! It's at Wal*Mart for $7.50, I guess (thumbs u . Yay $7.50 shirts!
  3. i just assumed black came first. They printed it, and it was hard to see, so they changed it to white
  4. or you could get all your 9.8's straight of the shelf, like 3 bucks each. (thumbs u
  5. Translation: Please PM me some offers. not at all, just thats its not a 9.6-9.8 so wasnt sure people would want it
  6. Debating whether to offer my Siege 3 Deadpool Variant here or on eBay. It's like a 9.2-9.4
  7. Kudos to Speedy-D (worship) (worship) (worship) (worship) (worship) and Jeffro