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  1. Would the autograph need to be authenticated by JSA, since it doesn’t correspond to the guaranteed autograph described on the back of the card?
  2. What do you really expect? If they have a special planned (discounted pricing), why would they announce it beforehand? That would cannibalize their revenues.
  3. Those are unauthorized/unlicensed. In fact, the Edward Vela cards might be borderline copyright infringement. He uses computer editing to alter existing works of someone else’s images. I can’t imagine any reputable grading company risking their reputation on grading these. edit: If you truly just want a grade, there are many other companies that will gladly take your money, offering no guarantee of their services.
  4. That’s a good question. Given CGC authenticated it, I think that it could always come back to you as altered, and that would still qualify, technically, as authentic.
  5. You shouldn’t have any 9.5 Pristine graded cards. Such a grade has never existed.
  6. I realize this is a nearly three year old post, but no one really addressed the basic issue: PSA 9 is one step below the highest grade of PSA 10. SGC 9 is three steps below the highest grade of SGC 10 Pristine. The problem with this (and similarly for CSG/CGC/BGS) is that a PSA 9 will always hold more value than a 9 of the other grading companies, since it’s the second best grade. In fact, a PSA 9 likely holds a premium value over 9.5s of the other companies, as well.
  7. This is absolutely false. I have cards that I know for a fact are double counted in the pop report.
  8. Currently, the pop report has gross amounts of double counting from the green to black to CGC-sports label swaps. Please go through the swaps and remove the cards that were green label (or any other label color) that were “upgraded” to newer label versions.
  9. I agree it was graded, as I’ve never had an actual label included with my returned ungraded subs… just that post it sheet.
  10. That’s not what OP was asking. OP wants to be able to request min grade 8, but have the card be slabbed as “authentic” if it falls below that, as opposed to being returned ungraded. He wants to proverbially “have his cake and eat it too.” If CSG ever did anything like that, I feel it would destroy trust in the brand.
  11. Out of curiosity, why not call him Nick?
  12. What does grade SU mean? Does it stand for status unavailable? I wonder if they graded it, but it didn’t fit the standard holder, but was too thin for the thickest holders.
  13. And, based upon Ryan’s link, I would be wrong. Why would CSG opt to holder the coin in the rectangle holder instead of using the actual coin holders from NGC? Does NGC grade the sport coins, too?
  14. I assume CGC will grade them, since CCG has access to NGC holders.