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  1. I was lucky to find them here in Denmark where I live and only paid what would be the equivalent of around $ 60 for four of them. Honestly, I didn't think any of these were sold here back in the day but they still have price stickers on them documenting that somehow a few hardcover copies made it all the way over here in the 70's, even though back then not many American comics were sold here. Furthermore, there's a reduced price in pencil on the first page inside with further reductions in price so apparently Danish readers were rather reluctant to buy them. I assume they were sold in an ordinary book store originally.
  2. I have some of the Lyle Stuart hardcovers. I compared my Action Comics # 1 hardcover with the softcover and they seem to be completely identical apart from the cover. I ended up keeping the hardcover, though, and selling my softcover. The ones I have from Lyle Stuart are Action Comics # 1, Whiz Comics # 2, Sensation Comics # 1 and Wonder Woman # 1. Speaking of missing inner covers I've noticed that some of the later editions seem to not have a full page reprint of the original cover. Perhaps in order to prevent people from trying to sell them as the original?
  3. I did a comparison between the different versions of Detective Comics # 27 as well. Here you can see first the original 1939 edition, then the 1974 Famous First edition, and finally the 1990 (Theakstonized) Archives edition. Does this mean that the Famous First Edition of Detective Comics # 27 was not redrawn like the Action Comics # 1 but based on original stats? In my eyes it does look as if it was at least partially redrawn.
  4. Here's an example of an original page. I think it's beautifully printed and would prefer any reprint to simply scan it in its pure, unaltered form. Taken from this auction: https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/marvel-comics-1-timely-1939-condition-coverless-this-is-the-third-most-valuable-comic-issue-of-all-behind-only-acti/a/816-5601.s
  5. I bought the first Marvel Masterwork edition of Marvel Comics # 1 but sold it many years ago due to the poor reproduction. Sadly, I've never seen an edition that faithfully reproduces the look of the original.
  6. It would be interesting to do a comparison with the Smithsonian book as well.
  7. I found an online scan of the first page in the original 1938 edition from a Heritage auction, and I have to say that I find the redrawing in the Famous First Edition quite faithful. Much more so than in the atrocious, slobby Archive edition. Below you can see panels from first the 1938 and then the 1974 edition.
  8. I recently purchased a copy of the 1974 Famous First Edition of Action Comics # 1 and was shocked to see the difference between this and the later Archive edition from the late 80's, which was a product of the Theakston method of bleaching original copies and then retracing and recoloring them. Does anyone here know what kind of restoration was used for the Famous First Edition? Is it simply photographed directly from the original 1938 copy or has it also been exposed to retracing etc.? And do you know what files are used for current publications of Action Comics # 1? Here are some pics comparing the two. In my eyes the Archive edition looks absolutely horrendous.
  9. It does look as if the collector took great care of them. The staples also seem to have been carefully removed without any unnecessary tears.
  10. Thank you. I've considered ebay. The problem is I live in Denmark and haven't sold anything on ebay in at least 15 years so potential buyers would probably be wary.
  11. I have a selection of original detached FF covers from Kirby's classic run that were originally purchased by a collector who had the interior pages privately bound. Does anyone know what the value of such things could be? Here are some highlights.
  12. Green Arrow even ended up being called Røde Pil (Red Arrow) in Danish back then.
  13. The remarkable thing is that despite being German, Swiss and Austrian they all speak Danish in these drawings. ;)