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  1. Judging from some of these recent sales it looks like someone got a pretty good deal here! http://www.mycomicshop.com/search?ItemID=21987331 Sadly, it wasn't me...
  2. Will you take time payments... say over the course of 30 years? [font:Verdana]Stunning Book!!![/font]
  3. I love that spinner rack and very nice room too! Cute dog... (thumbs u etanick- starting out fresh with an empty room sounds like a lot of fun! Darth Corgi- Great display of Star Wars!!!
  4. I think I read some good things on the 7500...
  5. Just went back to read this after seeing it linked recently... I love it!
  6. Received my Casper books from Bio-Rupp... some really nice looking copies and shipped well protected! Thanks Michael! (thumbs u
  7. Awesome!! I see you have the X-Men #4 displayed on your comic wall (thumbs u Sure do! (thumbs u That book is very underrated in my opinion... 2nd Magneto, 1st Brotherhood of Evil Mutants... 1st SCARLET WITCH! Woo-Hoo! And thank you everyone for all the kind remarks! The boards here are awesome... (and dangerous too!)
  8. Received a pm regarding the frames I used on the raw books I posted some time back and they're called Comic Book Showcase from BCW: http://www.bcwsupplies.com/products/comic-book-showcase.htm Also I've realized how much I've added because of this place and now I've run out of wall space! My work in progress room is still that...
  9. There are some great rooms posted in here... cgcworld... That is just one amazing room! :worship: I like the added protection those comics are getting Count! Trey... very nice room although I agree on the camera suggestion! Awesome original art! I seriously need to go through this thread again...
  10. I bought an Action 242 from Sharon and it arrived quickly and very well protected! (In purple too!!!) The book looks really nice in hand btw... The added Superman Family goodness was a very pleasant surprise! Thank you!
  11. Dan has bought a couple books from me and the payment was made in minutes! Thank you! (thumbs u
  12. Does anyone have any information on the Epson Workforce 1500? (Just realized that this will only scan 14" through the auto document feed.)
  13. Just started selling some stuff on the boards... hope it's turning out well so far and thank you very much in advance for any comments!
  14. This is the regular version that Dice mentioned and again the Spiderman version with the Captain America car... And yes! MEGO'S!
  15. I just remembered the figures I mentioned in the post above... SUPER JOE! These were a lot of fun!!!
  16. Now that is nice! And the Elektra / Veronica is really good too...
  17. For me it was the Mego's... all day! Captain America was (and is) my favorite so I had many of those... still do actually. But I also had a blast with this... And for the handheld football games... sorry guys. But Football II had them all beat! You could finally PASS fercryinoutloud! And I'm stuck here... there was a line of figures that I really loved and I can't remember... the guy had a vest with a light... a black suit with gold stripes running down the front and there was a green monster with a vest as well... although he had a red light. Ring any bells?
  18. Yes! Between Christmas and the holiday sale at the LCBS... I have a few of them now! (thumbs u
  19. Very nice! Just curious... how did you handle the logos? heres some of my lettering work I did for some friends Very nice... I was wondering because you nailed the 'Tec logo! And for it being free-hand as well...
  20. Yes... Dave that is awesome stuff! Not really into Chaplin but your work changes my opinion on that!!!
  21. This is my most recent one from start to finish,and yes I'm a huge Charlie Chaplain fan.His facial expressions are awesome. I love that progression Oak! Very nice work!!!
  22. Very nice! Just curious... how did you handle the logos?
  23. That was a great read! Pretty sure a position I'll never be in...
  24. Wow... how do you (general question open to anyone) find such pristine raw copies? ** Sort of a rhetorical question I guess...