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  1. @Bill: Try to see if your browser (from USA) visualizes correctly this search:



    If so, there are some on eBay.it, and some complete runs (five "slim" trade paperbacks were published). Here’s an auction with the full series for 30 Euro:


    Instances like this are why Claudio is so awesome. 2c
  2. I recently purchased a collection that had some foreign editions in it. I don't collect them, but thought it would be nice to share them with you. There are some books that I could not find any information on, so maybe some of you could shed some light on the more obscure books.

    Here's an Australian Captain America 1, published by Transport Publishing. I did not find any information about this book on the GCD. They have a British version of Cap 1 listed (published by L. Miller and Son), but there is no picture of the cover. I know that some books were co-published by British and Australian publishers, maybe this is one of them. GCD states that the book has 28 pages, this book has only 24 though.



    There's not really any information here either. Let me know if you decide to let this one go. Depending on the price I might be interested. (thumbs u
  3. So after trying to figure out a good way to collect the comics I want from Brazil and Mexico.... Is there anyone on the boards interested in working out a foreign exchange? I'd be willing to purchase U.S. items and combine shipping in exchange for the same from your country. These 2 areas I don't have any connections in and Mercadolibre/livre is not fun.... PM me and we can hash out details.




    Brazil has proven to be very difficult to access. To the best of my knowledge none of us have what can be considered a reliable source there for getting books out.


    Mexico is accessible although offhand I don't know of anyone there that collects American books. There are a few collectors both here and on the FCC boards from Mexico that may be willing to help out with this.


    I've got some Wrightson stuff on my site in the For Trade/Sale section. If there's anything you're interested in let me know. I'm willing to work with you on pricing. (thumbs u

  4. Hi guys! I have been trying to create an account on the FCC but have been experiencing some difficulties. I think my first account was deleted after the spambot trouble. After trying to recreate an account, I am not getting a confirmation email. I tried with 2 different email accounts. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
    I've notified Liaton-9000 about this. Hopefully we'll have it fixed ASAP. One of us will contact you once it's sorted out. (thumbs u