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  1. 79-84: Green Lantern: Rebirth 1-6 (DC Limited '04') This was entertaining all around. Story revolves around Hal Jordan and how he deals with being intertwined with the Spectre, and some old enemies that come calling. Mysterious badness starts happening to his super-friends on earth, and all heck soon breaks loose. All Hal's earth-based Lantern buddies get involved and lend a hand. We also get to see the JLA and JSA. Couldn't ask for much more in a DC mini. The writing and art are both excellent. Going to keep this power ring charged and read the Sinestro Corps War next!
  2. 55-59: Batman and The Mad Monk 2-6 (DC Limited '06) 60-72: The Twelve 1/2-12 (Marvel Limited '08) 73-78: Moon Knight 10-15 (Marvel '80) I'm underperforming. Got to pick up the pace! Batman and the Mad Monk was solid. True detective story with Batman a mere mortal relying on his wits. Creepy vampire cult are the bad guys. Picked the Twelve from a recommendation in this thread. Started with issue 1/2 that I thought was a prequel introducing the new characters. For the whole book I was thinking "Great job creating a modern book that looks and feels exactly like a golden age comic from the 40s!". Well, that's because I'm an insufficiently_thoughtful_person and these were actual Timely reprints with heroes I had never heard of before that Marvel was reviving to appear in The Twelve. Doh! The 12 issue series was really enjoyable. Straczynski weaves a fun tale about 12 GA heroes who are put into suspended animation by the Nazis and wake up in 2008 to resume their crime fighting careers for the government. A poor man's Watchmen. The art by Weston was quite good. Like Secret Wars last month, I wanted more here. This could have been an ongoing series for years and I would have supported it. Moon Knight is now fully confused about who he is and where his power comes from. Moench has embraced this aspect of Marc Spector's personalities in a big way. Finally we have the first hero guest star in an issue with Daredevil. Other than that, the first 15 issues have been Moon Knight against the freak of the month club. No established super villains. Issue 15 jumps from 50 cents to 75 with no ads. This was a direct sales only title going forward.
  3. The Wrightson in this thread is strong!
  4. @CGC Mike Any update on this request from 6 months ago?
  5. 45-49: Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness 1-5 (Marvel/Dynamite limited 2007) 50-53: Robocop vs. Terminator 1-4 (Dark Horse limited 1992) 54: Batman and Mad Monk 1 (DC Limited 2006) Ok, so I'm into multi-company crossovers this week! Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness was a blast from start to finish. Ash was funny and well written throughout. Enjoyed this. Robocop vs. Terminator was Frank Miller at his peak powers, fresh off helping write the Robocop 2 screenplay. Simonson's art was even Miller-like. This time, Robocop is responsible for accidentally creating the Terminators, and he goes about trying to remedy this. Enjoyable for a fan of the franchises. Will discuss Batman when I finish it.
  6. Too much scribbling on the covers, or I may have considered it.
  7. My meager hoard posted for scale. Usually my pic looks cool, except against this madness! Well done.
  8. Great stuff you don't see every day! GLWTS.
  9. That makes sense, and I never considered all the tie-in! Thanks.
  10. Going to start something fun, at least I hope so.
  11. For Justice, Ross only did the finished art on top of Doug Braithwaite, so let's blame him if some of it wasn't "Ross" enough for you.
  12. I am falling ridiculously behind some of you guys! Need to step it up. 35-36: Legends 5-6 (DC Limited '86) 37-44: Secret Wars 2-9 (Marvel Limited '15) Legends was still fun for me all these many years later. Wonder Woman was rebooted for this before the '87 Perez series. Also got to see the origin of the Suicide Squad and mini reboots for Shazam and Flash after Crisis on Infinite Earths. This is the kind of stuff that had me hooked in the 80s, and I guess I never outgrew it. Finished Secret Wars and it was a disappointment for me. After the first issue, it showed real promise. Doom has created a new Battleworld in the aftermath of worlds/multiverses colliding. It was cool seeing all the familiar faces in their new roles on this world and some really epic places were hinted at early that I looked forward to exploring. The problem was that we never got to explore them. This felt rushed and needed to be twice as long. The ending was unsatisfying and anticlimactic. Some really interesting ideas were explored so I'm not saying it was terrible, but I wanted more, not less. The Marvel Zombies were there and we barely noticed. Oh well.