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  1. The problem you will run into is that while there were 500 auto inserts for this set of each card there's nothing on the card that says "auto is guaranteed" or anything like that if I remember right. This used to be my job to do the research to verify cards and that would be the flag I would provide to the graders. If you still have it in the sealed plastic I'd say 50/50. If not still in the sealed plastic odds aren't good. If you can provide a picture of the front and back of the card they should be able to tell you one way or another.
  2. Hello Crystal. Following up as the Elite membership says it offers Drop off and Pick up privileges. Just wanted to confirm that is active and happening. Thank you and hope you've been doing well.
  3. From working there I know handful of Nick's in the building. Only one Conti
  4. Appreciate it. Will continue to wait or have Conti work his magic for me Have a great day Crystal.
  5. It was asked back in 2021 but with all the new changes was curious if in person drop offs are being allowed yet? At one point it was being talked about the top tier being allowed but wasn't sure if that was still true. Live 20 minutes away and just don't trust the mail system at all. Thank you in advance.
  6. PSA and Beckett are the only ones. I wouldn't count on them doing it anytime soon if ever. Have had this conversation several times with Westin and Andy in the past.
  7. That question is probably better to be asked here https://boards.cgccomics.com/forum/114-cgc-forums-trading-cards/
  8. It's an unlicensed card from 90's. Most of these came out in the 92-95. Fun to have but most the grading companies wouldn't touch it.