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  1. I am noticing something about your site since the upgrade, well I don’t know about that, and it is not only confusing, but not accurate. I started checking my submission that actually arrived at your facility on 04/06 based on my tracking. I then noticed it was marked received on 04/10. That was no big deal, but everyday since, the received date has changed. It now says 04/13! What is the deal? Is your turnaround time still 7 days on standard and 10 days on economy? With a changing date it gives the impression it is, but that is suspect.
  2. When exactly will the photos be added to the registry? No pictures is very frustrating.
  3. It is definitely not a good look. We all knew about the site update with new software. We also knew 03/07/2023 was suppose to be the day everything went live. That did not happen, but to not provide an update is not a good look.
  4. This is the first time I have seen finalization and it was finished much earlier. If you notice your submission probably has 03/07 on it as well, the day their new system went into effect. I have never not had a hyperlink. That makes no sense whatsoever.
  5. Hello, I know about the update to the site and the fact today was suppose to be the day things became active. Is there a problem? I have an order that is in finalization and nothing else. I know systems have been down, including CC, but when can I expect movement?
  6. One of my favorite additions to my Kirill collection.
  7. I have been waiting for my most recent order to show up in my submissions and there seems to be an issue. It has been stuck there for 3 days. This is the first time I have even had this issue. Have anyone had problems with TAT for Standard lately? It seems as though 7 days is not seven days. Ugh!!!
  8. It will say glossy on the back.
  9. Hello, what date are you currently on because I requested some Kirill Kaprizov spots for my PC last month. Thank you
  10. I think if the same high quality cards were sent to all of the big 4, they all would be close when it comes to giving 10’s. This is not an easy 10, but I have 2 in CSG slabs that look the best of all.
  11. I received my 50 card bulk back and turned a $1,500 profit, keeping 4 CSG 10’s for when the market strengthens, including a CSG Matthew Stafford Topps chrome RC, Topps Teaded Miggy, pujols Gold Thunder Alley /25 and Topps Traded Trout. I can wait and do much better down the line on those and increase my ROI total.