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  1. I am noticing something about your site since the upgrade, well I don’t know about that, and it is not only confusing, but not accurate. I started checking my submission that actually arrived at your facility on 04/06 based on my tracking. I then noticed it was marked received on 04/10. That was no big deal, but everyday since, the received date has changed. It now says 04/13! What is the deal? Is your turnaround time still 7 days on standard and 10 days on economy? With a changing date it gives the impression it is, but that is suspect.
  2. When exactly will the photos be added to the registry? No pictures is very frustrating.
  3. It is definitely not a good look. We all knew about the site update with new software. We also knew 03/07/2023 was suppose to be the day everything went live. That did not happen, but to not provide an update is not a good look.
  4. This is the first time I have seen finalization and it was finished much earlier. If you notice your submission probably has 03/07 on it as well, the day their new system went into effect. I have never not had a hyperlink. That makes no sense whatsoever.
  5. Hello, I know about the update to the site and the fact today was suppose to be the day things became active. Is there a problem? I have an order that is in finalization and nothing else. I know systems have been down, including CC, but when can I expect movement?
  6. One of my favorite additions to my Kirill collection.
  7. I have been waiting for my most recent order to show up in my submissions and there seems to be an issue. It has been stuck there for 3 days. This is the first time I have even had this issue. Have anyone had problems with TAT for Standard lately? It seems as though 7 days is not seven days. Ugh!!!
  8. It will say glossy on the back.
  9. Hello, what date are you currently on because I requested some Kirill Kaprizov spots for my PC last month. Thank you
  10. I think if the same high quality cards were sent to all of the big 4, they all would be close when it comes to giving 10’s. This is not an easy 10, but I have 2 in CSG slabs that look the best of all.
  11. I received my 50 card bulk back and turned a $1,500 profit, keeping 4 CSG 10’s for when the market strengthens, including a CSG Matthew Stafford Topps chrome RC, Topps Teaded Miggy, pujols Gold Thunder Alley /25 and Topps Traded Trout. I can wait and do much better down the line on those and increase my ROI total.
  12. I definitely am not selling currently. I am able to wait for them to be accepted.
  13. Yes I have been very impressed with their accurate and fast service. This will be the first times I really look toward selling their new slabs. What has been your experience?
  14. CSG has my business when it comes to grading for three reasons. 1. They have bay far the best looking slabs, especially after the label change that was a distraction. 2. They are priced appropriately from bulk to walkthrough, eve with what I would assume was an inflationary price increase. 3. There turnaround time is beyond fast. I have an economy order arrive 05/27 and it will be back in hand on Saturday 06/11. For those counting, that is 15 days period! Thank you CSG AND that is the reason my first bulk order arrived in Sarasota today 06/08. 50 cards! When will the hobby see that having your cards at a grading company for 90-120 days now or over a year if you are in The backlog is silly.
  15. When I hear people complaining about not getting Gem Mint grades from CSG, the first thought I have is “Did you send your best cards to them or the ones you had leftover from your PSA stash. All of the companies grade 90-95% of ultra modern card 9 or higher. stop sending your less than perfect cards to CSG hoping they will miss those slight imperfections. CSG does not grade harder! It appears that way because of the cards that are sent. As more people stop using CSG as a backup to PSA, we will see their numbers level off.
  16. I received an 11 card economy submission back in 12 days, 04/02-04/14. The grades were as expected. I got an 8, and 2 8.5 on cards that I knew were tough grades, but were PC Cards, both with noticeable chipping (thick cards). I received 1 10 and 2 9.5 grades, the 10 was a huge surprise being as it is a condition sensitive card I figured to be a 9.5. I totally am sold on the new slab and if the hobby bought the card and not just a slab, I know all about ROI, people would not be complaining as much. If top ROI is what you want, I think that will change over time with CSG, PAY THE INFLATED PRICE with PSA. I use all of the top 4 grading services based on the card. I tested CSG at the beginning and they have the clearest slabs in the industry. If all of the influencers suddenly started pumping CSG as they did with PSA, remember BGS was the top grading company before that began, you would see a lot more CSG slabs in cases. Except for that, there is no reason a card in a PSA slab should sell for 5 to 10 times more than a slab from another company. Buy the card not the slab! Here is a question, “would any of us pay 5 to 10 times more for a slab without a card in it?
  17. I think the prices for the green label Pristine will go up in value because that is a grade that is no longer available. I will not reholder my Tiger Woods UD CSG PRISTINE 10 because the card looks dole on the old green case with the green card border.