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  1. It's listed under their news tab... the clock begins when it is received at their facility.
  2. It's starting June 7, that day the lowest price option will be $150/card
  3. Honestly, not sure if we'll ever see PSA prices hit $20/card or below🙄
  4. I think the new collectors who really want to collect will stay. But the ones who came just purely for profit will leave.
  5. Having been pressed down in a screwdown was most likely the case with my Fleer Jordan RC that came back EV/trimmed since I bought mine from a legitimate seller who was an LCS owner about 5 years ago.
  6. The current date of when the clock starts for your order is when the package is recorded as delivered to their facility. That's the latest news CSG gave directly in their news tab.
  7. Just go USPS registered, not the fastest but definitely the safest IMO.
  8. In short, SGC sucks along with PSA...I'll never submit with either one.
  9. Give it a rest already...it is clearly stated on their services and fees page that once orders are delivered to their facility, they cannot be changed or canceled...good luck trying to contest that.
  10. I agree, especially if the card in question is a high end or rare card.
  11. I had my prized card, my 1986 Fleer Jordan RC and it came back to me as evidence of being altered/trimmed...This was back in March, so now I'm just waiting for them to announce when they will slab cards as authentic altered.
  12. it's most likely sitting in their secured facility which is their po box
  13. Realistically though, SGC slabs are ugly to me. They definitely don't appeal to very many people. I don't see too many submitting to them unless it's vintage at best...my
  14. From the day it was recorded as delivered to their facility.
  15. Hey off topic but do you have a YouTube channel of the same name? If that's you, I really like the channel and think it's really informative and a good watch!
  16. I've never seen so many complainers before You guys might as well just vent and post on blowout forums, Twitter or someplace else instead of flooding CSG'S forums...sheesh
  17. Exactly...just like the million and one other people who decided to send bulk, definitely do not expect any miracles or point any fingers at CSG
  18. That's crazy Consider yourself very lucky. What is your next move with the card?
  19. If you really want to talk about inconsistent grading, look up PSA