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  1. These were mainly modern cards. I am not complaining, I was just saying that I was surprised I didn't get more 10s. I think it is a combo of two things: I was just trying to find cards to make a bulk submission and put some lesser things in this time. I definitely put more in that I knew would not be gem mint (some 80s and 90s wrestling). But of my 95.s and 10s, I was hoping for more to be 10s. It could be that under the old green label that my 9.5s were really closer to the bottom edge of 9.5s and thus would have stayed 9.5s under the new system instead of 10s. I may try to sneak one more bulk sub under the $12 cost and then maybe I can see if it changes.
  2. My black 9.5-10 rate on my latest sub was about 55% out of 52 cards. However, I only got 4 10s and a ton of 9.5s. Wasn't too happy. But maybe I've gotten complacent and didn't check things over as well before sending this time. Not sure if I'll be sending much after the price change however.
  3. For myself, I have been averaging 60-70% gem rates on my last few subs under the old system. I would figure that the 60-70% will now be the combo of 10s and 9.5s, where hopefully more of those will be 10s than 9.5s, lol.
  4. Well, they sort of have a deadline for the $5 switchover (June 10, I believe). After June 10, I think it will be $10 to have it reholdered? But as northkorea said, they haven't said how long they will switch the old 9.5s over.
  5. If it's for a PC, I agree. But If you are selling on Ebay, people will start to search for CSG 10 and may miss the old 9.5s. I always put "CSG 9.5 GEM MINT" in my titles, but I don't know if people search that way or not. I am going to re-holder my bigger cards that are now 9.5s such as Brady, Morant, etc...but I will probably leave the lesser ones that got 9.5s as they are.
  6. But will that happen AUTOMATICALLY for all cards or are they going to be re-evaluated and some may become 9s or the "new 9.5"?
  7. Well, if all 9.5s will cross to 10's, I'll definitely send some in. However, I don't know why anyone would send in Pristine 10s to get reholdered as GEM MINT 10s?
  8. I assume the slab itself is still clear? Hard to tell with it on a black background in the Brady pic. I think the Gem Mint 10 designation will help sales for collectors.
  9. Who decided to change the original title of this post? LOL. nothing rotten here. I've been happy with CSG and the grades I've gotten. Great alternative while PSA is expensive right now.
  10. I sent out a 50 card bulk in mid-December and it has already been shipped. I sent it in mid-December, so it wasn't sitting long before being marked as scheduled for grading. They were pretty up to date at that point on opening packages. Is this becoming the new norm, or just a lucky break for me. We'll see - I just sent in another bulk order rec'd on 2/11, so we'll see how long that takes. CSG7312239121 1018529 12/23/21 50 305 Bulk (50-card minimum) Shipped 2/22/22
  11. While PSA is still at $100 per card, I have been using CSG and have been pleased. Their holder is my favorite out there, clear and tough. I just got my second bulk order shipped back yesterday after only 2 months. I can definitely deal with that. Of 50 cards, I got 4 10s, 22 9.5, and then mostly 9s after that. My first bulk was about a 65% gem rate, this one was 52%. But I think that was more on me as I sent some in that I was fine with 9s if that happened. As previous posters have said, you really have to scrutinize your cards before sending them in. There are tons more I'd love to send, but I screen out a lot beforehand and it definitely improves the gem rate. I could obviously make more money if they were PSA 10 instead of CSG 9.5, but there is just no way I can pay $100 per for the cards I am sending in, so for now I am good with CSG.
  12. UPDATE - showed up marked as SHIPPED this morning, Grades actually came out pretty well. I went with no subs, and got 3 10s, 30 9.5s, and the rest 9s.. I had forgotten what I put in there, so it was weird for me to say "I sent that in?". Happy with the grades and although resale values will obviously be less than PSA, there is still money to be made. Maybe changing my tune about sending in another batch - think I'll see what I can out together, especially at the low price level.
  13. I've got a bulk order that was rec'd April 13 that just went into Quality Control Finalized. I am not sure how long it stays in that phase, but I doubt too long. So, about a total of 6 1/2 months by the time I get back probably. This was at the $8 price. Unfortunately, I just don't think the selling prices will dictate me sending in more though. We'll have to see. Modern lower-end stuff just to test them out. Don't mind the timeline, just not sure of resale value yet. However, SGC and HGA just don't work for me at their higher price points, where the sales price will not be much more.
  14. how long does it usually take once its scheduled for grading to when it actually goes into grading? Bulk order.
  15. It will be really interesting what happens with the bulk service when PSA comes back. I think it will be the last thing they put back out there, but I do think they'll still have something, since they want money from people joining the collectors club. But if it's more than $25 or so, not sure what I'd do.