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  1. I have found the process and speed of adding slots to existing registry sets very frustrating. It has caused me to lose interest in completing one CSG basketball set in particular. Instead of purchasing additional CSG cards to have the full set since I can't see my progress I tend to move on and at times this means purchasing other cards with PSA, SCG, and BVG labels. I am not sure what additional resources or process can be started to improve this situation.
  2. How about instead of worrying about things like having awards handed out you actually update the registry on the most common base sets? I was a promoter of CSG early on in my card collecting community based on my prior good experience with CGC. CSG has a long way to go to be anywhere at that level. We have seen two price increases in a short period of time and on my first submission I had about 12 cards with case encapsulation manufacturing issue.
  3. I sent in a 106 card submission and about eight of them were not graded. I was okay with three of these since one was wavy and two of the cards I picked up in the last few years when rejoining the hobby so who knows what was done to them. Most of the cards said EV indicating they were trimmed. The ones I struggle with are the four to five cards from a set I had purchased in the 1980s from a dealer I knew for years. When the submission came back I measured the cards and looked at them under 10x magnification and could see no evidence of trimming. I also asked a local dealer with decades of experience who also did not believe they were altered. I am just wondering if there is a higher level of sensitivity since there have been so many scammers and scandals the last few years. I also noticed there were a few cards that came back damaged and 7-8 cases that were thicker than the rest which prevents me from putting them in a standard size sleeve. This made no sense since they did not seem to be thicker than the other cards. I will be following up with CSG on these issues.
  4. Please add #108 Xavier McDaniel to the 1988-89 Fleer Basketball set.
  5. Please add #96 Terry Porter to the 1988-89 Fleer Basketball set.
  6. Please add #79 Buck Williams to the 1988-89 Fleer Basketball set
  7. Please add a slot for #70 James Worthy to 1988-89 Fleer Basketball
  8. #66 A.C. Green for 1988-89 Fleer Basketball.
  9. Please add a slot for #42 Larry Nance for 1988-89 Fleer Basketball #42 for Bill Laimbeer
  10. Please add a slot for #12 Robert Parish for 1988-88 Fleer Basketball
  11. Please add a slot for #08 Danny Ainge for 1988-89 Fleer Basketball. Please add a slot for #8 Danny Ainge for 1988-89 Fleer Basketball
  12. Please add a slot for 1988-89 Fleer basketball Bill Laimbeer
  13. Please add a slot for 1972 Topps #38 Carl Yastrzemski in action.
  14. Please add 1986-1988 and 1990 fleer baseball sets.
  15. Can you please add all cards from 1988-89 Fleer Basketball set. I have a number of cards that I am unable to add.
  16. Slot for 1988 Topps team white letter Keith Comstock
  17. Please add a slot for 1988 Donruss #644 Tom Glavine
  18. Please include a slot for 1972 Topps #32 Carl Yastrzemski
  19. I am sorry I meant #457 in the 1980 Topps set
  20. Please include a slot in the 1989 set for #457
  21. I am amazed at how comfortable everyone is with large price increases to keep submission levels down and poor turn around times. Grading companies could just as easily limit submissions and keep prices at reasonable levels. I believe we are in the middle of a bubble in sports cards driven by covid-19 and large greedy investor types that really don't care about the hobby. I remember seeing a similar environment in the 1989 to 1990 time period where people were buying hundreds of cards of players as "investors" and opening tons of junk wax thinking it was the same as investing in a stock. When the recession hit they lost a large chunk of their investment. Right now as we are starting to see things open up I believe many of the new collectors to the hobby will be frustrated by the high prices of cards and poor levels of service and begin to leave. What do you think?
  22. Earlier in the thread someone asked about the prices realized for CSG cards. Recent videos on the topic shows sales of similar items selling at 70-80 percent of comparable PSA items.