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  1. Why would it be the same lag on a substantially faster service as it is on bulk?The package contains 2 separate boxes one labelled reholder one labelled bulk with both submission numbers and customer # on the outside of the separate boxes. Each card inside is also labelled with each individual line # as well it should be a relatively easy input.
  2. Just wondering what the input delay for opening packages is right now I sent a package that was received last Wednesday. It contains a reholder order and a bulk submission, just wondering how long it will be before the reholder submission gets input and shows on my submissions
  3. I did this in two separate smaller boxes inside of one larger box
  4. Oh ya? Well it worked my order is on its way back now so...
  5. Crazy to think that in the 60 business days since they received my package all they have managed to do is fall behind 3 days on turnaround per business day
  6. Let's see what today brings hopefully some movement for some of you!
  7. I am going to be filing a better business bureau complaint too hopefully enough of these will do something.
  8. Crazy, the sent me a message April 12th saying my bulk order is done and that I need to pay I did right away and now a month and 3 weeks later it still says scheduled for grading
  9. Believe me man bulk isn't moving either I've seen very few people say they have received a bulk back even people that had sent in February when they first opened
  10. File complaints with the better business bureau they certain deserve it
  11. Tell them you want your ones that are too thick back ungraded and to be refunded
  12. Why so people who come here can't see the reality of the situation? They can just be a CSG Homer like you?
  13. Me, I messaged them saying I want my cards back a) ungraded and refunded or b) the one waiting for a holder ungraded and the rest graded but I'm done waiting on these holders
  14. Unfortunately turnaround times won't drop when PSA reopens CSG is just stock piling cards and won't send you your cards back ungraded once they have them they hold them hostage until they finish
  15. Everyone should just start requesting their cards back or blocking your credit card from paying until the order is actually done
  16. I will be filing a better business bureau complaint I do not want to wait indefinitely for thicker holders I want the cards that are done back with the ones needing thicker holders sent back ungraded and refunded or refunded for my entire order and everything sent back ungraded
  17. And just soon as I posted this bulk times are now 199 days turnaround
  18. My only advice for people on the fence if they want to send a bulk order is don't do it. There is bulk orders from February and March that haven't been returned to people from when they first opened. The turnaround time you see for bulk at 133 working days is probably in reality over 200 working days. They are already missing their original estimates on turnarounds from February and early March before a big influx in orders. At this point if you were to send I could easily see the Turnaround times being doubled and you being told sorry it's over 200 working days now and you being unable to have your packaged shipped back if you no longer want your cards graded and have your cards held hostage for a year +
  19. I don't think they were ever the reason the reason is more likely to be they underestimated the demand and were not ready for what they were receiving but instead of saying that and being perceived bad they pass the blame to someone else by saying they are waiting on them for the thick holders
  20. I think it's actually the 3rd week in a row
  21. This is pretty much the same issue everyone is having they don't have big enough slabs for virtually any order and they tell everyone your cards have been graded to justify charging your card but then they just sit there for months on end waiting for new thicker holders. Anytime you call they tell you that your cards are in the encapsulation room then when you call weeks later your now waiting for holders. They have been saying the new holders should be here soon for about a month and half now