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  1. My order was delivered the first week of April. Status shows recieved 6/17/21. Cards have been in Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging since the middle of July (over 3 months). When I mailed the order, bulk was a 60 day turnaround. It is now over 200 days since my order was delivered. Current "estimated" turnaround time is 171 business days. Not a fan. I just sent 8 cards to SGC and received them back in 22 days for $30 per card. CSG cost $60.00 for the same turnaround time as SGC at $30.00. I like CSGs holders better, but I can't handle the inflated prices and wait times.
  2. I just got off of the phone with customer service at 10:55 a.m. on 07/21/2021 & I was not very satisfied with the response. My first question was if the posted turn around times were for when the box was received or opened. I was told they based them on when the box was received. Which lead me to my next inquiry..... She could see that my package was delivered at the end of March & that the box was not opened until June 17th. That one batch off submissions were express, 1 standard, 3 economy & 2 bulk. 145 cards total. When she verified this to me I asked her about turn around times again & why if I sent cards express, with a big EX on the box, that I STILL DO NOT have at least that order? Her response was & I quote "posted turn around times are not guaranteed, they are just an estimate". I then said if I were CSG I would stop posting turn around times that obviously do not mean anything since I have been waiting on an express order now for over 110 days, it just makes the customers angry. Her response to that was, "I will pass your suggestion on to management, have a good day."
  3. Yes I posted express on the box. I still, as of July 14th, have not received my cards. I was told it was because of a delay in thick card holders. When I sent my cards in back in March I was told that thick card grading would begin in April. I also included screenshots of the other cards I sent in March. As you can see they were put in the system nearly 3 months after I mailed them & after nearly a month in the system they still are not showing up as a valid submission. It says once the reach the "scheduled for grading" they will show up, but they have been "scheduled for grading" since June 17th with zero updates.
  4. At the time I sent it express times were 30 days. Now they are 15. Either way 90+ days is crazy.
  5. I am looking to purchase Tua Tagovailoa 1 of 1 cards and auto cards. I have several retail stores and am looking for Tua cards for some of my customers. Ebay prices have gotten crazy for what people are asking. I don't actually see them selling 1 of 1's for $2,000.00-$5,000.00, but the asking price is there. Any way, if you have any Tua cards you want to move at reasonable prices, I am a buyer. (PS: I also am interested in other low end 1 of 1 football cards & hall of fame autos). Jeremiah Gardner Gardner Investment Group Llc. 540-980-1163
  6. They finally put my express submissions into the "scheduled for grading" phase, over 90 days AFTER mailing them. Still no word on the economy, standard & bulk cards.
  7. I sent 144 cards during the last week of March. Three of the cards were express, several economy and 100+ were bulk. They finally entered them into the system on June 17th. As of July 1st I still do not even have my express cards. I have been now waiting for OVER 90 days for ANY of my cards. When I mailed the cards in, express was 30 day, economy was 32 day and bulk was 60 day turnaround times. Not the best system going. I understand CSG is new to sports card grading, but come on, their parent company has been in the grading business for around 40 years, they should have a much better system in place than what they are telling us!
  8. They finally updated my 1st submission on June 17th, over 2 1/2 months since they received them. Now we shall see how long it takes to send my express, standard & bulk listings. I will post as soon as I hear something.
  9. Yes, I sent a large order in March that was signed for on the 25th of March, that had several levels in it, including bulk, economy & quite a few express. Not a single card has been scanned into the system as of 5/27/21. I am very upset by this. When I sent the cards in "Express" was supposed to be a 30 day or less turn around time & so far it ihas been over 60 days. When I spoke to someone they told me that turn around times ONLY APPLIED once the package was opened and scanned into the system. So paying for faster services does not mean that it will be done quicker. And yes I wrote express on the outside of the box.
  10. It is obvious to me that someone has dropped the ball & needs to update turn around times on CSG's website. I personally submitted several cards for express & standard grading, back in March, & they still do not show up as received 40 days later. One of my submissions was literally ONE CARD! Turn around times listed are 30 days & 32 days, but clearly those are incorrect. I am very frustrated that CSG does not at least sort your order upon arrival & post it to our submission page.
  11. Obviously you can get a pristine 10 without sub graded, just not a perfect 10. You can definitely get a 9.5 as well.
  12. I put a couple of express card submissions in my March 25th bulk submission & I still do not have any "submissions" listed on my account. It still says "no submissions have been sent in the last 3 months". So I would say, no your order does not move faster.