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  1. Hi Maribeth, Thank you. My recollection is that until recently, by default, the cards would sort in number order. That's why I was puzzled by the present sorting of the inventory.
  2. Hello. When I search my inventory, say by a specific year, the cards do not display in number order. Is that something that is being addressed?
  3. I was wondering what you all thought of the new point system associated with the Registry? I’m ok with it. It’s all a bit of a mystery how the points are allocated (I know they look at grade, recent sales, age of card, players stats, HOF, scarcity, etc.), but it seems to me they are giving greater weight to the age of the card. I say this as I collect mostly vintage baseball and I moved up on the Top Collector’s list. I always thought that a 60-year-old card, graded 5-7 from a HOF should be allocated more points than a Gem Mint 10 from a current day All Star. Just my take. What do you think?
  4. Hello, I am not able to view the registry from CSGcards.com or CGCcards.com. I tried KB!'s method of going to Resources > Registry, but I get redirected to https://www.csgcards.com/ Thank you.
  5. Hello. Just confirming that the Registry is still down, or am I just missing it? Thank you.
  6. Thank you. I attempted to send it back with my next bulk order but as it had been over 14 days there was a relabeling cost.
  7. Hi. No they were not, nor was I asked to send back. Thank you.
  8. Hello, Do you have an update on this? It’s been a month and I now have nine unknown items in my inventory. Thank you.
  9. Hello Sub # 1401001508 has been in quality control since 4/24/23. In the past, it never took longer than a week to get through quality control. Can you provide an update on why it is taking longer than usual? Thank you.
  10. Hello. I have six cards listed under description as “unknown item”. They are not Gem Mint 10. Do I need to do anything, or are they being addressed? Thank you.
  11. Hi Maribeth. Thanks a bunch...greatly appreciated. I'm curious though, the card just added, (1031851002) is a first round HOF and was allocated under 100 points, while the other two cards were allocated over 400? Do I need to request a correction? Again, thank you!
  12. I have submitted several 1 of 1 cards for the same set. While most of the cards were allocated points (1031851001 and 1033119001), one card (1031851002) was not and the following is listed in the description "Non-competitive; for display only". Can you please clarify why some 1 of 1 cards are allocated points, and others are not? Thank you.