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  1. fcg isnt 10 a card its like 20-29 a card depending on how many you send in , i just looked it up
  2. i gotta dissagree with #2 , espically if you have been waititng since april when bulk turn around was 45 to 60 days ( can you explain that ) and this all means they only honor current turn around times .
  3. the only company getting cards out with in 4 to 6 weeks is sgc and maybe hga
  4. my bulk from april are in G/E/I since sept 21st and still sitting there , i hope to have them by christmas but not holding my breath .
  5. im hoping my april bulk sub will be here by then but im not holdinh my breath
  6. try months for me and i sent it to them in april when turn arounds were like 45 to 60 days and still waititng smh
  7. its a shame , and if you notice , you will rarely if ever see a admin comment on threads like this as they see it as negitive but csg doesnt do anything to adress the issues customers have and if do comment they say call cs and all cs does is reads a -script and has no clue whats going on ,that being said there is no reason your or my cards should still be sitting there .
  8. mine have been there since april 9th , what bulk turn around was 60 days smh
  9. resale depening on the card and player is about 50% of beckett (ouch)
  10. trun around time starts the day they recieve them (as it states on the website) , so if they got them on april 9th it should of been 60 business days from that point and i should of get that back sometime in july .
  11. april 9th and turn around times were 60 days at that point not 171 as it is today , and it was 8 a card not 12 like it is now .
  12. my april 9th bulk sub went into G/E/I sept 21st and nothing since and thats horrible cause turn around was around 60 days when i subbed them and CSG only honnors current turn around . Bad look for a new company
  13. if you subbed a bulk today you can get them back in 6 to 8 months , if you use a group sub you can save some money on you subs but again you wont get them back anytime soon , they will only honor current turn around time no matter what they were when you subbmitted your cards , yes psa is overpriced currently , beckett has ugly slabs , HGA is garbage and the only other option i feel is SGC and i use them with no issue and get my cards back in a month or less with a higher ROI , i like csg and the slabs but again not thrilled with the lies and turn around time bs . Its your choice but id look at all options to make the best choice , Im hoping to have my april bulk back soon but who know (turn around time was like 60 days then and nothing so far ) shows they only honor current turn around time .
  14. im in the same boat and get nothing but the run around
  15. but what about the people who still have cards sitting there when turn around time was 60-90 days and they have cards sitting from March and April still in the Warehouse , but what you saying is csg doesnt care what the turn around time was when the cards were sent to csg ? cause sure seem that way , no reason a bulk order from march or april should not be back in the hands of the person sending them in . thats a prime example of the bait and switch.
  16. im gonna just have to wait for all my other subs to come back and honestly ima crack a lot of my 9.5s and resub them elsewhere .
  17. your correct on the joke of a turn around time they give , but remember its NOT A GUARANTEE , it be better if they were more honest about turn around time but again as you see by the admin response , they only honor current times .
  18. yup , if they were delivered in june it started then , again they only follow what the current turn around is NOT what it was when cards we
  19. it starts the day they get them , but the turn around times change so often they will only honor the current time and not what they are when you sub them .
  20. can you answer daddy pig question , and really answer it .
  21. they wont cause its something they see as negitive