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  1. For those wondering about time frame, here's how my order has progressed thus far.: 50 Card Bulk Delivered to SGC 04/05/21 Marked as received by SGC 06/04/21 Enters G/E/I stage on 06/18/21 Enters grading/quality control 09/16/21 Will update when it moves to stage 437 of the 982 stage process. Turnaround times were projected at 90 business days when they received. It has now been 119 business days. Don't get your hopes up
  2. A MONTH? Try 3 months! lol.....They took my payment way back on June 5th. Been in GEI for 2 and a half months now. These guys are unbelievable. They bit off way more than they could chew trying to hang with the big boys.
  3. I paid by check. Cards received on 06/04/21. Check was deposited and cleared on 06/06/21. They were really quick to take my money. Its now 2 months since received. These guys are a sinking ship. They aren't doing anything to right the ship. As a business owner, I would be ashamed of myself. You don't wait months to make changes if things aren't working. You fix it now. I guess it's easier to people off and screw people over when you have a warehouse full of checks and payments and your cost to operate is the same. These guys are stretching themselves very thin, trying to maximize profits without adding more expense. They are going to do this as long as they can. At least until their graders get burnt out and leave, or they have so many complaints that no one ever uses them. Horribly run business. My first and last order I will be sending them unless they get their mess together. I was really giving them the benefit of the doubt before speaking out on it, but these guys really, really, really suck. When 90% of your customers come to chat boards just to complain, you're definitely doing it wrong.
  4. My order says received June 4th. I was able to click the submission number and see the status (which showed no status available). Last week when I checked, the link was no longer clickable for status. Do you know how long from the time it went from being clickable to not clickable, and then how long after it was no longer clickable had it been shipped? If any of that makes sense....lol
  5. I'm seeing people receiving orders that were entered into the system as received weeks after mine. Is there any rhyme or reason to their methods? Do they just go in the back room, grab some boxes and start grading? Every grading company was gloating and tooting their own horn when PSA shut down. Now they all wanna hide and not be transparent with their customers. I have always been an SGC fan due to price and resale value. I figured I'd give CSG a shot. Bad idea. They are not even close to having their mess together and it shows. I own a business and I'm currently running a 4 man crew, but booked the summer as if I'd have my normal 10 man crew. I immediately notified all my customers with estimated start dates and explained my current situation with the employment crisis. It took me hours to do. I did it because it's the honest and respectful way to show my customers I care and that my situation is due to reasons out of my control. Get it together. My sub (50 card bulk) was received on April 5th. Its been sitting as received since 06/04/21. That put's my turnaround time at 83 days right now. When I submitted it was at 60 days. Anyone at CSG with a set of balls big enough to man up and tell your paying customers what's going on? Or you just gonna deal with the massive layoff of everyone you hired during PSA's shutdown because nobody will ever grade with you cowards again after their experience? Man up and make an announcement like SGC owner did. This is pathetic, you should be ashamed, and I will be back grading with SGC from here on out. Regardless of their prices, they showed the world they are an honest and respectable company geared toward keeping their promise and pleasing their paying customers. That goes a long way with me.
  6. I found out....5 days after marked received into their system. If anyone else was wondering. They must deposit the same day they receive it into their system. Lol
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows at what stage checks are deposited and deducted from bank accounts? I have an order that was just entered into the system and would like to send another as soon as the check from this one is deducted from my account. I don't want to have a bunch of checks out there and lose track.