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  1. I personally think the current label is great! I don't mind the green one bit and think the font they used seems way superior then what anyone else is using. I was at a card show and the rep did mention that they were working on a new flip label. So I guess that is what it is. There has to be concern that CSG is grading at a grade level that isn't consistent with the rest of the industry. Just look at the pop reports and compare to the other companies. A lot of people aren't going to to keep submitting if CSG's barrier to a 10 is way too tough. I personally think that this is CSG's biggest issue they need to address to ensure of their long term staying power. People will come around to the label. However, if the barrier to a 10 stays as strict as it is many pre-screeners and submitters are going to choose other grading companies to protect investments.
  2. I just saw a symbol I hadn't noticed before underneath the scan of one of my cards and it took me to the Pop Report! Hooray! So glad to finally see it!
  3. I will typically also google the checklist and parallel guide for the set you are looking at and typically will pull up the result form a website like. www.cardboardconnection.com It typically does a good job of really helping you identify what you have. I will also afterwards sometimes do an ebay search of what I think to see if it matches what I have in front of me. Also I love to use www.130point.com/sales/ to pull up sold ebay listing to help guess a value for the card that you are submitting.