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  1. Sorry, I meant to say population report. It is messed up. I am showing 14 higher than the 9.5 I just got and that should be none higher and 14 total graded. Again, that's Danny Ainge 1981 Topps Traded.
  2. ...1981 Topps Traded Danny Ainge baseball, please.
  3. Not a big fan of these changes, especially since I have my first order into CSG now and was looking forward to the green and sub-grades. But, the bright side is that I will be getting a refund on those sub-grades and love those clear acrylic holders. Honestly, for me, that is the #1 feature of CSG. Regarding their grading standards, I can understand people being hesitant to send their cards to a company that is too strict. It doesn't matter if you're an investor or a collector, nobody wants the lower number on their cards. I do, however, enjoy purchasing CSG cards knowing that I am likely getting a card graded at the highest end of its number.
  4. Forget YouTubers, half of what they say is wrong and the other half is just hyperbole and extreme opinions for clicks. Most of them aren't worth listening to. The green is CSG's brand and if they're smart, they'll stick with it and brand the heck out of it. I think it looks great!
  5. From what I have noticed, there is actually a larger market for low-grade rookie cards like this than higher grade because they are more affordable and more people are able to buy them. Having said that, I would get them authenticated by whatever grading agency you choose (hint: SGC is great for vintage) - just know that when you go to sell, they won't fetch as much as higher grade copies. Edit: I should have read the thread before I responded. Glad to see you slabbed them, and you got a "2" - which is a good grade for a marked card. Congrats!
  6. 10s SHOULD be hard to get. We're talking about a nearly perfect card here. Do those of you complaining know how few cards are actually "gem mint" straight out of a pack -- from any era? Also, don't you want your gem mint cards to hold value? Handing out 10s like candy is a sure way to kill value. I actively buy CSG cards because of the fact that the grading is so strict. I know I am most likely getting a tightly graded card. Honestly, the complaining about CSG NOT over-grading your cards is silly.
  7. I don't understand the concern about the slabs being easy to crack. They're not so easy to crack that they are going to fall apart in your hand, in shipping, or in storage and if the concern is cracking and resealing, that would be easy to detect. I also don't understand the concern about them "rattling" around in the holder. The same things happen in PSA slabs. It's not like you're shaking your cards in a pain mixer. Personally, I like the SGC slabs. I also like BGS, PSA and CSG. I avoid anything outside of these 4.