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  1. Anyone with the user name "North Korea" should be disregarded
  2. PSA, BGS, and HGA (haha) have all graded fake cards too. HGA is a joke, anyone using them lacks good judgement. PSA, BGS, SGC, and GMA have been around the longest, with CSG's parent being around longer than any other grader. These 5 companies I would use, never HGA. They've all had problems and mistakes and have learned how to improve over time. PSA today isn't PSA from 10 years ago
  3. Frankly, it looks like PSA or GMA should be the way to go. GMA is as good at grading as anyone else and they're cheaper. PSA will give the best value when you sell them. All other graders are about worthless for their fees and ROI vs PSA unfortunately
  4. The added value when reselling doest seem to be worth the $20 grading fee. With lower grades, nobody will pay a premium for CSG graded cards. Simple as that, unfortunately. It seems like a great company, but they add minimal value. As a buyer, it's nice. As a seller, pass
  5. It looks like they just treat it like a flaw based on the grades, rather than grading them on a "curve"
  6. Are they still having difficulties with applying this? I emailed them and got a response that basically said "you pay up front and will get credited $150 after completing the order", paraphrasing of course. I'd like to know before submitting if anyone has had this done correctly yet