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  1. The wife and I are on episode 12, we will finish it to night. I thought it started out a little slow but was still worth watching. It did pick up fast though, by episode 3 I was hooked. We are liking it a lot. We both enjoyed all the Marvel Netflix shows so far, we actually have watched them all twice so far. I look forward to the others coming!
  2. Oops...I see someone beat me to the punch! I should have checked page 2 before posting but I figured this would be page 1 news! It should be....
  3. Wow....this could be awesome if done right!! Being on Cinemax gives me high hopes.... http://moviepilot.com/posts/3858595?utm_source=fb-channel-horror&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=the-boys-tv-series-coming-from-the-minds-behind-preacher-and-supernatural
  4. I bought a sweet Journey Into Mystery from Joey and could not be happier! Thanks bud! It was a pleasure, shipped securely and QUICK!!
  5. Nice presenting 7.5 ...white pages... Yup, that is a nice looking 7.5.....real nice. Looks much better. Does the back or insides have issues??
  6. Wow, that would be cool. I just recently finished reading the series and thought it was great. It would definitely not make the cut as a network show! Ha-Ha! I'd watch it...........
  7. I just bought a CGC 3.0 copy.....about 2 weeks ago. I will try and get a picture up soon so I can join the club too! Interested to see what the upcoming 9.8 auction does....Nice copies everyone!
  8. Chay is great to deal with, I purchased Amazing Spider-Man #21, 23, 25 and 28 from him. They were shipped quick, well packed and priced fairly! Thanks again!
  9. Chay is a great seller, easy to deal/communicate with! I bought a sharp CGC graded Amazing Spider-Man #20 from him. A pleasure doing business with! Thanks again.
  10. Thanks Beardown.....is it BEARD-Own or probably BEAR-Down.......Ha-Ha! Yup, I have to agree with you, I rarely regret buying but ALWAYS regret selling.
  11. Thanks guys! It is a great copy and I am happy with it. The main damage which doesn't really show up in the picture is the lower right corner. It is a bit crinkled. I imagine it could be pressed out and most likely get me a grade bump but I am fine with the comic the way it is. This is the third copy that I have owned. When I was in 6th grade I traded a friend a bunch of Spider-Man comics for a copy that his step-father passed down. It would grade out around a 5.0. I ended up trading it a year later for a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #129 along with some other Spidey comics. Spider-Man always being my favorite. A few years back I bought a nice CGC 8.0 copy on here but shortly after lost my job and had to sell it. I wish I still had that copy, it was sweet! At the time it was $500, now a 8.0 is much, much more! I paid more then that for this 3.5 copy. This one will stay with me for the long haul though.
  12. I just purchased a Hulk #181 and would like to join the club. It is not the highest grade but I am thrilled to own a copy again! It looks a little under-grade to me....maybe. Back cover looks about the same.
  13. Eternity.....interesting. I didn't see anything of the such, it's possible I suppose. I thought that would have been a perfect time for a Dr. Strange cameo. My wife thought for sure that we would see the Wasp just hanging out stuck in there.
  14. I am taking my kids to go see it again tomorrow night while the wife is at work. Yes, I liked it that much.
  15. I took my wife and son (my daughter wanted to stay home) to see Ant-Man yesterday and we all thought it was great! Just a good, well scripted, fun movie. I see Ant-Man having a good future coming. All the nay-sayers need to watch it, I think they may change their opinions......
  16. Man I like that better than my 6.5! Wow!! That really is a sharp looking 5.0 copy! Very nice indeed....
  17. I have a nice 8.5/9.0 1st printing copy. I'm thinking about selling it now, would this be the time to do it or wait a bit closer to the movie?
  18. I just watched the season finale last night and loved it! It has me wanting next season NOW!!! I couldn't wait to hop on here and read/discuss the episode only to find very few posts!?!?
  19. I enjoyed the hell out of last weeks episode, looking forward to the 2 hour season finale this week! Do we know when the SHIELD spin-off show starts up yet??
  20. Yup, I think it is him. I don't think he has or needs a assistant at this point in his life. I have my letter framed and hung on the wall, I was excited when it came in the mail that day!
  21. I'm just wondering....the few posters that are posting they did not enjoy Daredevil or have no desire to watch a second season, what kind of TV shows DO you like? My favorite shows are: Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, The Shield, The Walking Dead and Prison Break. With Dexter and Daredevil right behind. I thought DD was great and I am excited for season 2!
  22. Here is a few pictures of it, sorry it is so HUGE!! Enjoy!
  23. Cool! I wrote Steve Ditko about 2 years ago asking several questions and comenting on his art. To my surprise I received a TWO PAGE letter back! Same style paper as you got there and he signed it twice the same way. I was very excited. It is now framed on my living roon wall under a framed poster of Amazing Fantasy #15. In the letter to me he talks briefly about stolen art and his time at Marvel, but very briefly. I got his address from a board member here who has written him in the past. The address on the letter was different then the one I sent it too.
  24. Nice looking 3.0! I bought a 3.0 a couple months back as well. Your copy looks a bit better. What did you pay if you don't mind sharing? Post here or PM me, if your not comfortable sharing i'll understand. Either way, welcome and nice copy! Grab them while the going's good!