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  1. Looks like the top of my 90's Topps rack boxes
  2. I'd be happier than a pig in...um ah mosh pit if this was mine. Congratulations man!
  3. Agree with TwoYewts. I like the rarity of insufficient ink, misaligned foil, no foil, etc (they're all errors). Print dots are not my thing though. Holding a stack of error cards in most of the sports and itching to get some graded but if I can not get the labels I want for my cash, they will go in the holders that bring me the most value for my money. CSG has already labeled embossing errors, Randy Johnson and others as far as I know. What's the big deal...
  4. I have not checked most of the backs of my opened packs but have found several double prints (A*) and recurring print dots.
  5. There are several different teams errors like these in packs.
  6. Bottom left corner card from the Thomas sheets. These are printing defects and not damaged. Some runs of the All Star cards have lighter black backgrounds.
  7. Similar to the "Blackless" and "partial-blackless" errors (insufficient ink). All of the cards were pulled from packs in the condition as shown. Some are missing just a little yellow but the cards can also be lighter all over, lighter just inside the framed area or whatever. The wax pack card is an error also. Hat brim, clipped ear, red shadow, almost looks like sunglasses... Insufficient yellow ink area on number of production sheets? that were packed out
  8. Maybe, I think it was because they did not want your impending response. Yes, printing defects are defects. Thomas, Mantle and Ruth are just a few names of thousands of cards that have defects. Some people like errors (defects) and of course some do not. I'm sorry you did not comprehend what I had written. I was inquiring (asking) if you were an employee. Here is what I had written. This thread is "Ask CSG". Are you an employee of CSG and do you make the cataloging decisions? Thank you for commenting on my posts again!
  9. I like errors and defects too if there were a few runs that got packed out. Foil, ink, blackless and so on. Liking the yellowless errors because they are even rarer than the blackless. Smoltz and Sanders (my favorite) yellowless errors are very rare. From my "Ask CSG", yellowless thread that got locked for whatever reason... CMatthews I was able to confirm "This is not an error we catalog at this time. We would consider cataloging it with more information. For example, the missing black ink 1990 Topps was a result of a known issue happening during the run caused by a foreign object." Thank you! This is not a bash, I am considering giving CGC a try. Asking for more info? Card grading companies and their graders should already have the knowledge to grade cards. If I took a diamond for grading and they asked for more information it would be SMH. If we are talking about a "foreign object" and the blackless, I believe that was the result of cleaning solution that was not removed/dried before the next run. Not cardboard stock, paper or tape... Liquid. With the change to CGC maybe my 1990 Topps Baseball yellowless cards can get error labels now since they did it with Pokemon. CGC Cards Error Guide Types of Error Cards Insufficient Ink "the graders did recognize the clear insufficient ink error on this Evolutions Zapdos holo card." *Insufficient yellow ink* Come on CGC! You did labels for the Fleer Randy Johnson, "Skinned Back" altered Mantle, Robinson with Partial Mantle and some embossed errors that are everywhere.
  10. Yep, printer error just like the other blackless
  11. broder, a buck or so back in the day. Agree with micky 8
  12. I hope you don't start using card borders/inserts. Cards get damaged when the card is not placed in exactly parallel to the border. Any tilt and the edge/s will lift and or chip the back edge of the card. Buyer/submitter beware of the back edges on bordered cards.
  13. Good advice from northkorea ! Want a 2nd opinion? on them... high res scan.
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    ^ Forill Kirill Nice cards Reverend283
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