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  1. Thanks my man! I’m cautiously optimistic. We will see. Jerome
  2. Yeah, I will circle back to the membership stuff after I get the scraping finished for the other 50-ish sites. I'm not sure if I'll just say free until X date (something like 3 months out after everything is working), or do something like a pre-filled search for Hulk 181 until you sign in and have a membership. Right now I'm just scraping the Title, Pic, Price and Date (auctions), IIRC. So no descriptions, atm. Jerome
  3. Yeah, I thought about making an 'app', but there's really no need to. You can just open Chrome/Safari on your smartphone and go to the same site and it saves me time and money in the process. The way I had the dev set the site up is it would automatically increase/decrease the number of columns depending on how wide your browser window is. So on my phone for example, it shows two columns and it would have the same functionality. What you can do if you want, is follow the steps here to add the site to your iphone's home screen: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/add-a-website-shortcut-to-your-iphone-home-screen/ Once that shortcut is made with Safari in IOS, it will still open it with your default web browser (Chrome in my case). Jerome
  4. Thats correct, I've got a proof of concept going where its just scraping and looking at Ebay for now to learn what needs to happen on the backend and what visual tweaks to make, etc. You can try it out now at FindMyComic.Net Would something like this be worth spending $20/year, or $50/year? Jerome
  5. Hey fellas, So I know I've been off the grid for a few years, just been busy beyond belief. In the past year, I: - Took my family, sister and her family and my mother to Disneyland - Lost my mother two months later (unexpectedly) - Got laid off from Twitter - Found a new job - Lost my Grandma Plus not collecting books is easier on the wallet ;) Anyway, I've teamed up with a really nice developer from Fiverr who is helping me build FindMyComic.Net the way I always wanted to, where the search results would open a link taking you directly to the book that is for sale on a given site. We got started a few weeks ago and are honing in on our backend infrastructure with Ebay.com. So it's only scraping Ebay.com at the moment and it still has lots of Auction items to scrape. There are some caveats around working on a site like this, with millions of records: - There may be some duplicates - Some non-auction listings may be 'dead' as it takes time to churn through and delete sold items. This doesn't affect auction items as those are set to be deleted once the listing is over. - It may take a day or two for new listings to appear, not sure on the turnaround yet as that is hard to pinpoint I'm hoping to add about 50 other 'top' comic book sites (Comic Link, HA, ComicConnect, NewKadia, Mile High, Hakes, etc.) to scrape and dump....eventually and "maybe" by the end of the year now that we have an idea on how the backend needs to work. I know when I was heavy into building my MA Grails, it took at least 10 minutes+ to search all the 'good' sites for a specific issue. This project isn't free (will be well into 4 figures), so my question to you guys is, assuming I can get all this going and considering the above caveats, would there be value in using this search engine if you had to pay: - $0: I never have trouble finding my books, even HTF variants in specific grades. I may be a cheapskate - $20/year: This may be helpful at times, there may be some time savings - $50/year: This is a no brainer, I hate having to search every site for back issues manually - $250/lifetime: Shut up and take my money I value your guys' input more than anyone else on Earth, so I'd love to hear your honest thoughts about whether I should continue to pursue this at all, or what you feel would be a satisfactory subscription amount. Why or why not, I don't mind if you think it's a bad idea; I want to know why it's a bad idea. Jerome
  6. My job might be in jeopardy this month, so I have one last book to sell. 1st app of Wolverine out on ebay. No overwrap, great colors, WP. Any marks are on the slab, not the book. Thanks for looking! https://www.ebay.com/itm/184306663316?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Jerome
  7. Love the show, loved the movies as a kid. Stoked for S3 whenever the F it's supposed to come out. #notsoonenough Jerome
  8. Yeah, I'm still looking for the 'depressed' emoji. Sorry to hear that man, but gotta respect the honesty! Jerome
  9. Crazy what a video game reveal on the PS5 with confirmation that it's a new standalone game with no Peter Parker in sight.... Jerome
  10. love that poster. I had one up in my room as a kid, it got mauled by the time I was in college with moving so much. I should get nice new one signed by Emberlin, my wife has his wife's number as they are both teachers. Jerome
  11. Awww sheeooooot, checkmate buddy. Good call there! Jerome
  12. Cool thread! Venom is why I love comics (and x-men) Here's a link to my custom reg set. It's mostly updated I'll cross check my list with yours @Jaydogrules Jerome
  13. Don't hate the player, hate the game? Do you think the manufactured rarity of the Bugatti Chirons will drop in value over time (unlikely?)? Or how the limited run of the recent Ford GT's mandated that buyers wait a few years before selling them (Jon Cena got in trouble for trying to do just that - don't recall if he ended up selling it or not) and making a profit. I love all comics, old and new, I want them ALL Jerome
  14. Right on, thanks a lot buddy. That's about as much info as we can ask. For now, I'll put an asterisk on the sale as an authentic outlier. Jerome
  15. Did the buy pay the 66k? Any way to see 2nd place bid? Jerome
  16. Seriously? Hmph....well I'd have them grade my cards if I had any Jerome
  17. I mentioned this to my wife last night when we were discussing the sale....tax evasion. As laughable as that is, someone could wrap all their dough in some comics, throw it in a lockbox and suddenly their income is less. I'm no accountant, it was just a random thought. I'm drawing at straws to try and explain it Jerome
  18. Almost 2/3 done if I don't count the 15 minutes of constant copy/paste for the yellow in the middle Jerome
  19. Ugh, let's hope no BW. How about Realistic G1s like everyone was expecting in 2007 instead of the awful Chevy sell out. Jerome
  20. It sounds like CGC needs to get into the sports card business. Jerome
  21. I agree. I'd love a PSA 9, but there's so many books I want more Jerome