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  1. While not a comic, wanted to share the comic stand (made by Stand it Up Comics) and the progress I have made in getting it signed. In order from Left to Right and Top to Bottom. 1. Inaki Miranda 2. Megan Hutchinson 3. Mico Suayan 4. John Giang 5. Kael Ngu 6. Jae Lee 7. Inhyuk Lee 8. Artgerm 9. Jonboy Meyers 10. Ken Salinas 11. Javier Fernandez 12. Belen Ortega 13. Mirka Andolfo 14. Lucio Parrillo 15. Alan Quah 16. Fernando Blanco Gonzalez 17. Martin Simmonds 18. Mike Choi 19. Ariel Diaz 20. Werther Del'Edera 21. James Tynion IV P.S. Milk Duds not included, cause I ates them!
  2. This is absolutely the best. Kudos to CGC for doing what they can to make this right!
  3. 30,000 steps was my rough total over the weekend. Half of that was Friday. And my dogs were a barking something serious. It was an absolutely amazing weekend though. And I thoroughly enjoyed hanging with you, @mysterio and @ADAMANTIUM Will see you next year, I am likely going to get VIP.
  4. They are con specific (and were given out ant the CGC University) and you have to go to the Sig Series side. They require a social media post to get one, then just come back each day to get another. They have I think about 6-7 different ones including a 9.9 and 10. If you pull a 9.9 or 10 you get added to some other con specific giveaway.
  5. Here is some additional pics! Garrett Gunn with Source Point We were the four musketeers waiting in Tynion’s line for about 3hrs this morning. Stopped by the CGC booth three times ended up with a duplicate 0.5 pin so left it for them to pass on to someone that would like it. Added Kael Ngu to my Thanos sketch list! And my primary goal of the whole weekend. To get as many SIKTC creators sigs on my Stand It Up comic stand. 15 (actually grabbed a 16th after this pic was taken) signatures later, we have Tynion holding it! In all it was a very successful con and even with the epic related debacles with Hayden, it was amazing. thanks for meeting up @ADAMANTIUM, @mysterio and @Monster's Lair Comics!
  6. This was about 100% more people than previous years I have attended. This being the 1st time I went more than just Saturday.
  7. argh I forgot to get a pic with you! But was awesome chatting and catching up. @mysterioand you are the best!
  8. Yesterday was a blast! Here is the stampede when the doors opened. Got to meet Tynion and Dell’Edera! The ever elusive @mysterio at the Monster’s Lair booth. Def recommend swinging by as they are just the best people! Checked in to the CGC booth (did you know Sig Series has its own account in the socials????). Got a lovely 9.6 button too! And cannot forget one of my favorite stops, Source Point to get my every con bear hug with Garret Gunn! And now today waiting for Hayden’s signing to start. Have a photo later with Hayden and plan to hit some other creators to get more sigs on my SIKtC comic stand by Stand It Up Comics. (Will share that once I am done)
  9. Ha! I bought the k-cup version of the Harley Mad Love coffee for my MiL.
  10. I absolutely love this spot. Practically everyone walks by. I really hope it is profitable for y’all!
  11. I took some pics and will post as soon as I am at a place I can. Tried posting one of me and @mysterio and it flipped it upside down without an option to edit
  12. Pretty sure they lasted less than 3-4 mins. But I got one, so now I got the auto to go with the photo-op. Glad I checked the facespace earlier. My understanding is that Hayden will have a separate space than on the floor for his autos. Not sure that is accurate or not, we shall see!
  13. I came to post about this very subject. I will absolutely miss our random talks about the Mad Titan. He was one of the great ones being such a kind and generous man. He will be missed!
  14. There are a couple SIKTC FB groups, including one that is just for sales. If you want more info on any of those to post about this, PM me.