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  1. That was my personal favourite too...with "C2E2 2022, the gift that lasts forever" or something to that effect, being a close second
  2. He also does mention that the last time he escorted Crain off of his property, a gun may have been involved...you seriously can't make up this craziness. If you go to YT and search Clayton Crain No More, it should be the top hit and you can get the jist of the FB live video...as well the comments rival the stuff we write here.
  3. Because you don't know the answers, or the fact that the answers are damning???
  4. Sure do (what are the odds?)...welcome to the party!!! Free popcorn for everybody
  5. Seeberger….”do you smellllll what the Staples, are cooking???
  6. Don't all three of these abominations according to the census all have one 10, and three 9.9's...coincidence???
  7. SASB just replaced CPR as the easiest way to make money in this hobby Staple and submit baby
  8. Deadpool price is $125 is for the "industry standard " four staples, $5.00 surcharge for each extra staple up to ten!!!
  9. I have no idea, but whomever did, not only wins the internet today, but for the rest of the week as well.
  10. Wait...you can't possibly be serious??? You stand behind grading homemade, counterfiet/bootleg, green label Etsy junque??? Are you sure Harshen and Matt tow that line as well?
  11. Well we saw two of those characters in the trailer last night, so I'll assume we are headed this way. Especially wanting to enlighten Dr. Starnge
  12. Every Youtube link anyone sends me, I can't delete fast enough!!!
  13. Exactly…the headline said MH copy and now they have changed it. MH copy might be a 20-25 million dollar book right now, and like it was mentioned earlier, the $10,000,000 dollar number has been thrown around as being turned down for at least the past 10-15 years. How could you possibly take anything seriously from a website that values mid-grades at less than low grade books??? Jim
  14. So what you are saying is this….that first 100k video game was in a VGA holder and then cracked out and graded by WATA. The owner decided to sell it (who was involved with Wata) and sold it to an owner of Wata…so weird, seems reasonable to me.
  15. Seeing as he’s been involved with Wata since Day 1, I’d say you hit the nail on the head, Christopher.
  16. Dan: Can you remind us again what position with Wata you have again, or have had in the past. Was it Board of Directors or just an Advisor position? Jim
  17. Johnny...all the best to you and your family. Everything is gonna work out and I totally believe you are going to give it hell!!!! If there is anything you ever need or want please don't ever hesitate to ask. Jim
  18. Yeah 10x if he left last week!!! This market is on fire like nothing any of us have ever seen before.
  19. Those days are long gone buddy...If I'm not day drinking on the show floor making deals, something is indeed wrong.
  20. Actually no grade is attributed to this book at all in your description....you wrote GD at the end of your title, when that could mean absolutely anything. It's vague at best. I do like these from your auction listing though.... "Offers: Every week we get offers for books currently listed for auction; It is an auction. We would greatly appreciate it if you just bid to show that you are serious. Respectfully, unless it is a crazy offer we will not accept. We would rather every single client has a chance at the book. If we believe your offer is higher (which is quite rare) than what the auction will fetch we may accept. we can then use the extra money to buy more great material available to everyone. Bottom line, just bid (some stuff always sells cheap which I'm ok with)." SO DO YOU WANT EVERY SINGLE CLIENT TO HAVE A CHANCE OR DO YOU ACTUALLY ACCEPT OFFERS??? "Orders will be shipped via USPS or FedEx according to volume/speed and a few other factors. Our shipping manager will pick the best one for you; You choosing is not available at this time because it interrupts the assembly line." WHAT ASSEMBLY LINE...OF DECEIT???
  21. Someone pointed this out to me on Urban Dictionary today....figured it was worth posting.