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  1. Sick Witching Hour and Weird War Tales runs.
  2. Anyone getting angry about that has bigger issues than delayed comics. Greg's books go through no faster or slower than mine or 90+% of submitters.
  3. Love the Bone and Elvira books. Rarely see those.
  4. Love those 9.8 X-Men Newsstands!
  5. Thanks guys! I love them all anyway!
  6. Yeah I have a 9.6 of that book and it was pushing 1200 a year ago.
  7. I'd say 50 is a major. 121 and 122, heavy minor. First rhino....might edge into major. As does first Juggernaut lately. 300 def major. 39,40 minor but 39 is awesome. 129 major 238 minor 210 puny 252....hmmm....I guess minor but a weighty one What else... Iron Man 128 Minor Hulk 181 Major Hulk 180.....Major Hulk 102...Minor Al Star 58 Minor Batman Adv 12 Major New mutants 98 Major New Mutants 87 Minor X-Force 1 Trash
  8. You still need to scan the barcode of the comic or enter it in manually if there is no barcode, correct? And then you can enter the certification number. Or am I high?
  9. No but I have a 15 year old daughter. You should see my tik tok page!