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  1. It would be nice if the promoter would publish a list of exhibitors. It's in my hometown, but I'm not going unless there are a fair amount of comics dealers.
  2. And that is my biggest fear. While I don't remember owning many Charlton, Red Circle, etc., I did have a pretty decent collection of Atlas/Seaboard titles.
  3. I agree with this. In all the Kirbys I've plowed through in the past week, I've never come across a panel layout of his that's reminiscent of the left hand page in the photo. Nope, just checked. Just checked. No go. Not Champions 18, but I appreciate all the suggestions!
  4. This spread doesn't appear in New Gods, Mister Miracle, The Forever People, The Eternals or Kamandi. I've checked every page (I'm very unpopular with my wife this week). Believe me, I'm starting to second guess what I'm seeing as well. I figured my only chance was that this just happens to be someone's favorite comic of all time and sees this this thread.
  5. It's a scan. The comic is such a tiny portion of the original photo, I had to blow it up quite a bit just to be able to make anything out at all. And, no. I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande. Those wounds run...pretty deep.
  6. Yeah, it's a pretty lousy image. It's such a small portion of the original photo. My first thought was Uatu, as well. But after scouring all the Watcher appearances I could find, I don't think it is. However, I could be wrong.
  7. Help identify this comic from an old photo I was recently gifted a box of family photos that included a photo of myself from February 1978. I'm in my room reading a comic that I can't remember or identify. Here's a scan: Any eagle-eyed bronze age fans recognize anything from these pages? It appears there's dude in the upper left corner of the left hand page wearing a high-collared...robe? Maybe? And in the middle panel on the right, another dude with arched eyebrows? I'm drawing a complete blank. I was reading everything Marvel and DC at this point, and had a pretty decent collection starting from 1973 onward. I did have a few silver age books that I picked up at garage sales, flea markets etc, so it's possible it's older. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Is that a colour rub on two different places on the back ? If so, I'm sticking with my 9.4. I have a 9.6 with one speck of that rub on one corner of the back cover. I even talked to Matt Nelson about it. The rubs on your book are much larger, and if in two different places I'm not seeing a 9.6. 9.4, maybe. CGC is tight now too, so also keep that in mind. Best of luck let us know how it turns out. Hopefully the others will end up being right. (thumbs u -J. You are correct. There is a lesser linear rub to the right of the trademark and the larger rub above it. I'll post my Baltimore results here in a couple weeks.
  9. Thanks Jaydog and RockMyAmadeus. And yes, that speckling on the spine is reflected light. It's a Karen Berger variant so I had planned to get it graded regardless, but having never submitted a book for grading, I wondered how those rubs might affect the grade. I'm going to be in Baltimore in a couple weeks and I see that onsite grading is offered. Any experience with onsite grading positively or negatively affecting the grade?
  10. Pictures would help. (thumbs u -J. I'm not close to a scanner this weekend, but here's the best camera phone pic I can pull off at the moment: Bottom right back cover corner: Front:
  11. As a long time comic reader (35+ years), but someone who's never had a book professionally graded, I have a question regarding Sandman 8. Hypothetically, say you have a copy that looks great from the front, but the Batman ad on the back has a little of the ink rubbed off near the spine. How would that affect a book that would have otherwise received a 9.8?
  12. The sale was indeed legit. I've known the seller for over 25 years. He, myself and another comic collecting buddy each bought a copy of Sandman 8b from a CBG ad in 1993. My memory is a little fuzzy but I think we paid about $90 each plus shipping. After seeing the "crummy" copy sell on ebay for $400+ he sent his to CGC. In the late 90's I recall occasionally seeing a copy sell for $50ish and thinking, "man, did I get screwed on that deal." Nowadays, I'm feeling much better
  13. Didn't Albert sell a couple pages with large images of the Saint for around $3k-ish last year? I sold the above-mentioned 5-figure issue #12 splash for $3200 in 2008. When I bought my Preacher pages in 1999, I had a choice of buying the final three pages from issue 12 or this Issue #2 splash which would surely be expensive today:
  14. Anyone know who currently owns the cover to Animal Man #5? I sold it to Wayne Osborne in the early 2000s. I'm told he no longer owns it.
  15. Does anyone know who owns Kirby's "The Screaming Woman" from Spirit World Magazine? The complete story was offered in the Spring 2000 Greg Manning Comic Book/Comic Art auction.
  16. That Wrightson list just blew my mind. Thanks again, Terry. -Darren
  17. Terry, can you explain the auction procedure? Were bids mailed in? Phoned in? Thanks, Darren
  18. These are fantastic. The next catalog contains Kurtzman's "Corpse on the Imjin" correct? This is gonna sting a little.
  19. This is going to be the longest thread ever I'd like to know if anyone has seen Kurtzman's Corpse on the Imjin from Two-Fisted Tales #25. And more importantly is it still together or pieced out?
  20. I picked up a couple pieces at Comic Art Con as well. Eerie #43 prelim by Luis Dominguez The Vault of Horror #28 "We Ain't Got No Body" page 6 by Graham Ingels. I was on collecting hiatus when this particular story hit Heritage. Would have loved a shot at the final page.