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  1. Sandman #25 signed and sketch by Matt Wagner, signed by Dave mcKean. Thanks DWC!
  2. Super-excited about this one! Thanks to Steve Paulus!
  3. This is one of my favorites!
  4. Holy Schnikeys! I managed to cut Trek people? I tried to leave Star Wars and Star Trek alone! Yep: Denise Crosby Nicole De Boer John DeLancie Robert Picardo Jeri Ryan. John De Lancie was a guest actor on Star Trek see no reason to keep him. Denise Crosby played the most hated character on STNG for 1 Season so probably no biggie if she was cut. Nicole De Boer played only on season in Deep Space Nine so probably no biggie if is she was cut. Jeri Ryan and Robert Picardo main characters on Voyager most Trek fans I know despise this series so its up in the air and why I left them off. So what is the final word? Keep them all? Nah, axe 'em, all. They're definitely not needed on this particular list since there's a site devoted to every single obscure Start Trek character's appearance anywhere. (along with Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, LOTR, Star Wars, Lost and Stargate) Here it is in case anyone's interested: SciFi Actor Appearances
  5. Holy Schnikeys! I managed to cut Trek people? I tried to leave Star Wars and Star Trek alone! Yep: Denise Crosby Nicole De Boer John DeLancie Robert Picardo Jeri Ryan.
  6. I agree with Goldeneye's list, for sure. I do seek out the Star Trek actors you listed, but there's already a website devoted to their appearances and the ones on your list don't show up at much other than Trek cons.
  7. As a kid, MAD was the very first thing I started collecting. I think it's probably because they didn't sell any other comics at our corner grocery store, just magazines. The first one I bought off the rack was #182 and I was SOOOOO proud of it. I wouldn't let anyone touch it. I continued buying new issues for years and learned about back issues from my dad. As a gift, he bought me a VG copy of #34; it was the crown jewel of my collection. On a family road-trip vacation, (ca 1978) we wandered into an antique store. He noticed a small pile of comics. In it was MAD #6. They wanted $40 for it. There was no way I could come up with that kind of $$ so I asked my dad if I could borrow the money. Instead, he bought it for himself. He didn't mean to be cruel, I'm sure, but it made me absolutely crazy. For years, I asked if I could have it. Once I got a job, I asked if I could buy it. Eventually, he gave in and let me buy it for the original $40 he paid, sometime around 1981, I think. In 1982, there was a massive flood and nearly everything I owned washed away, including, by that time, an awesome collection of 60's marvels and dc's. About a year ago, I decided I wanted to get those old mads again. I've decided to start with 1-23 but the first thing I wanted to do was find a nice copy of the #6 that meant everything to me as a kid. It's been tricky to find a copy at a price I can manage, so I've started with this: I'd love to find a higher grade copy but this is actually pretty close to my original one. I'll never let it go.
  8. I love that book so much. Well done!
  9. This is a FANTASTIC collection!! I love that you "realized that I now actually have a SS collection". Yes. Yes you do. (thumbs u
  10. Oh yeah, the poster! I was wondering why 9.8's were so tough for this issue.